Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh Bugger

I have to say, I'm finding it very - and I mean VERY - hard to pick up a book and study for my exams this time around.

So this is where I bitch about the institution I'm currently learning in. I shall not name names, but I shall say this. BUC. Figure it out.

The learning process in this institution is generally good. Most of the lecturers know what they're talking about, and their methods work well.

Most of the students are good people as well. Everyday is peachy keen.

The one idiocy I feel the need to grip about EVERYTIME is examination schedules.

This is my third exam sitting in the institution. And it's no better (I'm scared that it never will) than the first 2. And they were bad. Really bad.

Imagine having study breaks that are almost 2 months long. What the hell?! It's hard enough to come out of that phase when you're starting a new term, but at least you don't need to squeeze your brain juices for answers that will have an immediate effect on your CGPA. Crapper.

Or imagine having no study breaks at all. Your last scheduled lecture is on a Friday. And the first paper you have to sit for is Monday the next week. With every paper falling in consecutive days.

What's wrong with having 1 week of study break? Stretch the exam for through 1 or 2 weeks, depending on how many subject a student is taking upon herself. THEN have a proper vacation AFTER the exams, so it can be enjoyed worry-free.

I'm telling you, they've given the term "torture" a whole new meaning.


Zainijimmy said...

hold on there girl, thts LIFE hehe

Mas Light said...

my 1st year..i get 1 month break after the exam. heheheh that was great.

ahhh i dunno if some of the lecturer know wut they talking about *pfttttt~ and student become lecturer there very common omg~ most of my seniors are lecturer >_<"