Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Heart Does A Pitter Patter

I know, I know.

I'm supposed to be studying for my exam.

But I need a break sometime, don't I?

So what do I do to get my mind off things that I have no business getting my mind off?

Gorgeous men. =)

In this case, one Daniel Henney.

Let me give you some visual aids, so you can understand my infatuation.

See what I mean?


For those of you who watched the Korean drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, he'll be familiar face.

Let me now tell you why he is the perfect man.

1) He's got the height.


3) He can sing.

4) He looks good in a suit. (I'm pretty sure he looks good out of it as well...)

5) Did I mention gorgeous?

Yes. So that concludes a totally pointless post. But as perfect as I am, please excuse my little girl tendencies to (imagined) romance. =p

Having shown all of you the perfection that is Daniel, I think ther's nothing wrong with showing you something really funny (not to mention corny.. "It swims... It swims..!")

Hehe. Hope you enjoyed it!


wmw said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Another DH fan....he's such a hot dish! Ha ha ha...

Mas Light said...

omg..who? I have no idea who is this..or maybe I do but maybe coz I dun follow much on korean dramas anymore. Ok, if it involves emotional crying part in any of those scenes, please count me out coz I cry easily. I'm so goddamn fragile >_<" I hate it!

Anyways, who is not gorgeous if they got the heights. Totally a dream guy >_<"

Noted: I didn't drool..seriously I didn't

Zainijimmy said...

err..i hav tht criteria as well..consider im sexy gorgeous lah hahah...

Haizum said...


If you think you are then you are! It's all in the head!

Anonymous said...

u need a change of font man! i can barely read it. paya got the same vid in her blog too.... he is a bit dreamy *sighs*

Mas Light said...

*lol...hahahahahha it's all in zaini's head...ohh it so is

Haizum said...

Zaini : Lek Zaini. Kau yakin jaaaa!!

Mas: Hehe, we shall take his word for it la.

Dedeng : I knoooow. I got Paya so excited about him last night! *laughs*