Sunday, January 21, 2007

Of Men and Mice

Why does my urge to update my blog only emerge in the wee hours of the morning? Does my brain not function in normal hours?

"Break Up" seems to be the chosen trend this new year. I've been hearing from friends and family new of their break up or their plans to.

Choruses of "men are jerks" are filling the air. Such sweet harmony.

Most of these men (Do I dare call them mice?), have one thing in common when they're trying to break the news to us girls.

"I need space. Time. To find myself."

(I am now officially allergic to these phrases.)

So you force yourself to give him "time and space". Then the bomb drops.

"I've been thinking, and I don't think I love you that way anymore."

Then all you think about is the "time and space" wasted. That one day or one week that you indulged in his "self-discovery". "Time and space" you could've used to get over him if he'd told you then and there it was over, in the first place.

A word of advice to the guys:

If you're already thinking about needing more of these two elements, I think girls woulf prefer it if you just kept it to yourself and go for a clean break.

She can then go on hating your guts and start her recovery immediately, rather than sitting around waiting and worrying.

Being made to wait is NEVER a nice feeling. Most of all when you're waiting for some dude to finally say "It's over".

You might think that you're being Mr. Nice Guy, breaking it to her gently. If you really were, you wouldn't be lying to her about needing time to find yourself.

A word of advice to the girls:

When a guy gives you that line, do yourself a favour and dump HIM that very moment. Years from that moment you'll be able to look back and feel a rush of satisfaction.

Take time to be sad and cry if you need to. Then rally your girlfriends to GO OUT AND HAVE FUN. This will remind you that there isn't anything wrong with being solo. No need to worry what he'd think of your outfit. No need to report every 5 minutes. Just clean, uninterrupted fun. =)

Don't take it too hard if you relapse and suddenly find yourself remembering him. You're only human. Remember the good times, but don't pine.

Break ups are never easy for both parties. But in any relationship, there should be honesty during start AND finish. Keeps the hurt at a minimum.


ArtisteInReflection said...

Very well written, Acom!

where did all the men go? quick! get the mouse traps ready girls!

he he


Mas Light said...

omg i nearly went to comment at the wrong place about the wrong thing. this is why u never should click comment at once hahahahah omg..

anyways, i personally like this particular post. it's juz so true that i have to agree it with you. but most of the time, guys dun tell me that they need space, well maybe 1, most of the time, i juz hate their controlling attitude that it pisses me off, so there, i make their life easier by dumping them hahahaha. being solo is so much fun! :)