Friday, January 19, 2007

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Sometimes you go through life taking things for granted. Just because you've known someone for half your life, doesn't mean you know them inside out.

It surprises me sometimes when some people think that they know every thing about me. They only know what I LET them know. So to be contradicted with a line like "I know you, Com" is somewhat laughable. Sure you can generally gauge what a person's reactions or responses are, but you can't expect it to be 100% accurate.

It's not that I fool these people into believing I'm something other than myself. Like I said, the me that people see are the facets that I LET them see. Some see Acom as Loud, Idiotic, or Quiet (Hmm... actually I don't know is that last one has been out yet, or even exists, but I'm sure I'll have fun finding out). The ones I think worthy will see more of my character than others.

I have a feeling it's the same with everyone else.

There was a time when I was naive enough to believe that because I'VE shown a person all the things that make me ME, it was reciprocated. When I found out otherwise, it hurt like crap.

Has anyone noticed that most of Life's Lessons tend to ALL hurt like crap? *sigh*

Anyhow, my reactions to the I-Know-You-Com line differs, depending on who spouts it. Sometimes amusement, mostly irritation. Sometimes I go on to do my own little experiment, at their expense. =) Not nice, I know, but when someones says they know you through and through, wouldn't you want to test them on it?

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Mas Light said...

oh wow...a new layout and very nice font. er...ppl owez think they know u...*pfttttt..even my frens know me..they dun actually "know" me...*'s true when u said u let ppl see the nice u...seldom the other side / the real u hehehe :P welcome back acom!!! i've missed ur word of wisdom hahaha kidding :P

so how's photography?