Friday, December 01, 2006

On Pick-Ups

So, I went out with my cousin Farah the other night and hung out with a bunch of friends.

As the night progressed we somehow got to the subject of "how to approach the opposite sex".

So on the guys went, telling us their attempts to chat a girl up. It was interesting to see what they're thinking when they're coming up with a game plan.

These might help you guys a little, knowing the do's and don't of "pick-up" lines.

Here are some successful lines that they've used:

1. Can I see your teeth?
- This, the girl thought was so funny, that she laughed and they ended up having a nice conversation. Making a girl smile or laugh is your best bet of trying to get to know her, I say.

2. That dress looks good on you.
- This has to be said sincerely. And I mean, with a warm smile, not a horny one. Even if you do feel horny, try not to let it show.

3. Do you have Malay in you? (She says : No.) Would you LIKE one?
- Actually, I'm not really sure how the second line goes, but it implies.. well, you know what. And this wouldn't work for me, but apparently it did for him. *chuckles* Different strokes for different folks I guess.

And here are the lines that were (unsurprisingly) failures:

1. WHOA! Are you those REAL? (Looking at... her "eyes")
- This is a no brainer. Like I said before, do NOT let it show that your mind is in the gutter. It's okay to IMPLY, very subtly, that you're looking at us there (we're not idiots, we know you look), but do NOT - I repeat, DO NOT - blatantly advertise it.

2. Hi! It's nice to meet you.
- Hmm.. Nothing looks wrong there. If only I could've recorded his voice though. Read : squeaky. Looking good is important, but sounding good is just as important, if not more. Nothing spoils good looks like a Doreamon-Malay-voice-over sound-a-likes.

So that was help for the boys.

Girls, I have no idea how to help you. If I did, I'd be married with 10 kids by now. =D


Anonymous said...

Do you have Malay in you? (She says : No.) Would you LIKE one? <--- *blinks and think ewwwwwwwww....

oh i get this from a guy before.."wow..u're pretty..can u become my gf?" wadda...toking about desperate?

Cherane said...

The bigger the eye roll; the less chance you have I always say.
Hiya! Been so long since I came here la....very fresh! Great job for a first time.

Twyla said...

ooo oo it look so purdy!!

i do think (however) that guys need all the help they can get...
at least the one's in M'sia anyway.

Haizum said...

hehe I agree Nessa.