Monday, November 20, 2006

Snap Shots

It's always a good idea to bring your camera wherever you go, cause you never know the kinds of things that you'll see in your travels.

Here are some of the recent ones that I snapped. Okay, maybe not so recent. but I keep forgetting to share it with you people. =) So here they are.Does that person look familiar to you? Yes, folks. That's Aladdin. I didn't know he went from prince to jewellery salesman...

This one I saw while I was on the bus going to KL Central. I REALLY tried to find the restaurant somewhere in there, but I couldn't. So apparently, clothes are on the menus these days.

*laughs* This one made my day. I was sitting on a bench in KL Central when I saw this sign. I actually laughed out loud when I was taking a picture of this, and a person next to me actually looked at me weird and walked away.


Anonymous said...

hahahahha oh my swing gum? *rofl. that sure is funny..omg omg omg

Anonymous said...

the alladin ad..of coz la beli emas mesti dapat could you buy gold then dapat ikan masin kah kah akh ridiculous lah tue ad..geli hati sa

Haizum said...

Hehehe idjut kan?

I was gobsmacked.