Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I am free!! I've done my last presentation! Now all I need to do is print out my assignments and hand them in! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Freedom is so sweet when you actually put in a little effort doing your work. *sheepish smile*

Will this stretch of "hardwork" last me until my finals? Let us hope so. But seeing my track record.. no. =D Let's just hope the Lazy will come during my upcoming semesters and Hardwork drops by during my finals! hehe. That could work!

My eyes have been looking like this, since 2 weeks ago, where submission dates were stretched out.

So, here, in my joy, I give an offering, to pay homage to those who've helped me pull through this very kucar-kacir semester.


Anonymous said...

sings u a song..."FREEDOM~ freedom!~~ freedom!!~~" ogie that's all..hahehahehae..i think there's a song like that? ehahee :D

Haizum said...

Eh got! actually after I posted this entry I immediately downloaded that song. It's called Freedom by George Micheal hehehe.

Anonymous said...

omg...hahahahah oh ogie...i haf no idea how the rest of the song goes actually hahahaha..i only remember the melody *rofl