Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Time Warp

Hello folks.

I have to say, after all my bitching about having too much to do during the semester and needing a vacation, I have made up my mind that at least during the semester, I HAVE stuff to do. *chuckles* Yeah well, the grass is always MUCH greener on my neighbor's side.

That said, there is one particular spot in my lawn that will forever be green and healthy. The part that's filled with friends. It's true, some come and go. But there are some relationships that surprise me to no end. Every meeting is a new experience. Even a simple meal with these people is thoroughly enjoyable.

I thank God everyday for these people in my life. I mean, not everybody can say that they've got a friend who's been with them through things and still want to hang out just cause it's a Tuesday or something. And I, I am so lucky. I can say I have a bunch of the people in my life.

These are the people that aren't afraid to tell you that you stink or that you're obnoxious, and mean it in the best possible way. They make you stronger. They tell you what's wrong, help you to make it right and support you along the way. Kind of like a good bra. =)(Guys will undoubtedly scratch their heads in confusion, but the girls will know what I'm saying).

I've found that with these people, it doesn't matter where you are or where you go, and no matter what time you leave the house, the earliest you're going to get home is midnight. =D And you don't even realize that time is moving so quickly. It's like we're in our own time bubble, and time - for everyone outside that bubble - is going twice as fast. Inside, its as if time doesn't move at all! It is a little shocking though when you check the time after you're done with your meal and find that you've been in the restaurant for 4 hours! No wonder you don't recognize that person in the next table, cause the person who was there when you came in is long gone!

So, even though I gripe about a lot of things in my life, I find that it's still good to be me.

Can you say the same?

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