Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Very Own

Camera that is. =)

I just bought one, an Olympus FE-190. I love it.

It comes in real handy when you're wanting to forever freeze that one particular moment, whether it's laughter or amazement or even just plain joy.

I admit, I've always loved to take pictures, but I'm not so very good at them. I know how to see whether a picture is beautifully taken, or whether it would've looked better at a different angle. I have lots to learn. But armed with Cammie (yes, this is what I have christened it), I shall soon be able to conquer the world. *ahem*

Here are some of my favourite shots so far.

I know, I look like a dork here, but somehow I like it. Enough to shove my pride aside and share it with the world.

This was an accident. I think the shutters went off (is that the correct term?) twice and before the second one did, I turned the lcd towards me to see the picture I had taken of myself.

Ooh, this was taken at a MidValley Megamall's Foodcourt. This "ikan bakar" is totally scrumptious. I don't think I quite captured it though. Will practice. =D

Ooooh, this is my most absolute favourite. My curtain's are extremely drab, but somehow the pictures of the tassels turned out great!

So there you go. I'll probably be more inclined to update now that I have stuff to show people. Not much, but at least. =)


Mas Light said...

oh so, lemme see...new camera ei..i need a new camera. seriously. my panasonic camera is broken. it's the lens. this is why we should never get those too extreme zooming function *sigh.

anyways, back to commenting the photo, 1st photo hehehe cute. the eye lash looking great! i notice u use flash there.

2nd photo, ooooo, this thing happen to me before. though i gotta advice not to point ur camera lens to the sun. rusak nanti hehehee

3rd photo, ahhhhhhhh damn the ikan bakar looks tasty. ogie, did u use macro function for this? umm, if u want it to look better, try to focus more towards the fish, i mean without the foil? maybe

4th photo, ogie the color of ur wall is pink? o me gawd. anyways, the color looks absolutely great. maybe u need to adjust the thing a bit *hee.

i so love photography. more to nature. anyways gewd luck with ur photo session. practice makes perfect. hehehehehe :D gewd luck!

Haizum said...

Thanks Mas. And for the fishie, I used the "cuisine" function. And yeah, I admit, the plastic plate didn't really make it look any better hehe.

And I'm trying to figure out how to change the exposure in this camera. I haven't found it yet, and it doesn't say anything in the manual. Thank God for the Internet. =D

Mas Light said...

*rofl. heahheahaehae well post up somemore. i would wanna see :D i enjoyed looking at it :D

Haizum said...

I am such a nerd. I found it already hehe. Been a little busy. Moving. Please be patient!

Twyla said...

omg. ikan bakar. i'm so hungry...
plus cameras come in handy when you're bored and then a whole new world beckons you...

at least that's what I've been led to believe. Love the fourth picture because the vibrant colors really come out.

You should think of getting a Deviant account. *hinthint*

Haizum said...

*chuckles* Yeah, I was thinking it actually. Seeing my brother's page and his friends', kinda got me thinking.

And you've one too, right Ness?

Anonymous said...

i love your 'dorky' pic. it's hella cute.

Mas Light said...