Saturday, June 17, 2006

Home and Hearth

Here I am.

On my last day at home.

Tomorrow I set off to the world of study and schedule again.


I don't like times like this.

I can't stand being away from home for so long. There was once I didn't come back home for a stretch of 8 months, and it made me so cranky. I was snapping at everybody for every little thing. Moody. Basically, I was bitchy. *chuckles* My brother was so fed up that he called my mother and said "Get here ticket back home".

It worked.


I am a baby. I cannot bear to be away from my family for too long a time. I suspect this will put a strain to my marriage if my husband were a foreigner. Heck. I stay in KL and I grieve for home. *chuckles*

I don't care.

Home is where the heart is. It's where you hang your hat. =D

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