Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Take Me There

When you've got nothing to do your brain decides to remember odd things, just to keep you occupied.

At least, mine does.

You know how it is. You remember one thing, which makes you think about another, and in turn another, and another. It's a chain. I like to think of it as time-traveling.

There are no proper archives to my memories, though there are common sections. They're just in one big bundle, so I never know where I might end up. It's like getting on a train and not knowing where your stop is. A fun adventure.

I always enjoy stopping at Happiness and Laughter. It makes me - well - happy and I laugh. That usually brings me to Goofs and Embarrassments. When you drop in there I can actually feel my face heating up again, blushing as I did at that time I guess. Then, again, I start laughing. Cause it all seems funny now that I revisit, seeing it from a different point of view.

Then there's Tender Moments. Moments where you feel loved and cherished. Ummi making my favorite dish for my birthday. Getting a letter from my sister in KL telling me she loves me. An image of my brother coming home for holidays, with a present for me. Someone ringing the doorbell and holding out Hershey's Kisses when I open the door.

Inevitably, that brings me to Anger and Frustration. Getting snapped at when I just got home after spending more than 12 hours in college, tired and sweaty. Fighting with my siblings over that last piece of Ummi's homemade yam cake. Wanting, but not getting that pair of jeans that made my ass look absolutely gorgeous (more so than it is).

Inhale. Exhale. They're just memories.

Sifting through my memories is not always such a long journey. Indeed, if I concentrate, I can go directly to where I want to go, no detours. But where's the fun in that? =)

When I'm done I feel as if I've relived my life again, surely parts of it. It shifts my perspective a little, and seeing them in a new light makes me understand life a little better, of cause and effect and whatnot. I guess it adds on. I grow.

I wonder where it'll take me next?

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updatteeee ;)