Tuesday, April 11, 2006


It's funny how you can be attracted to a person, and that person to you, and have circumstances surrounding both of you be totally wrong.



Another (or a few more) person(s).

So you say to yourself "This is a bad idea. It won't work. I've decided to not like this person".

Whatever the mind conceives and believes, you will achieve right?


So you try your best, to meet other people (and not compare them with that particular person). There has to be one out there that's more compatible (and practical). It's a big sea. Lots of fish. Your eyes just happen to be glued to a particluar one, and you might not notice all the others (even some who have their eyes glued to YOU) around.


It's so bloody easy for me to be spweing all this out. It's all logical. Common sense, right? Easy enough to grasp, when I put my mind to it (Which I assure you, I have).



Anonymous said...

hey thanks for dropping by

Anonymous said...

i told a friend.

"untung lah guys, many fish in the sea"

he said

"its ok, many fishermen too"

he he..



Hadibi @ gndagnor said...

What Paya said hahahah!

hteekay said...

uh, so who's this guy you're talking about huh?

Haizum said...

No need la to know. *winknudgewinknudge*