Saturday, April 08, 2006

Iced Lemon and Peach tea

Okay, I know. ANOTHER gap. I'm getting lazy, cause like I said, it's hard to think of something deep and meaningful *ahem* When you're surrounded by testosterone-fired men (I use this term loosely..) screaming bloody muredr or "GOAAAL!!!" around me. But rest assured, my phone line is in, my broadband account is being processed and I just have to wait for my loan to be banked in so I can get a laptop. (I am going about this backwards, aren't I? 0_o)

Anyhow, I'd just found out today that a friend of mine uploaded, not 1 but 2 clips of ours into It was a recording of the three of us (me, my brother and our friend Ho) for this singing competition that was supposed to happen online, where people watch your clips and vote for you and all. The competition didn't fall through, but we did get a copy of the recordings. We did this 3 years ago, only practicing the night before the performance. Bad habit, I know, doing things last minute. *chuckles* Not only that, we didn't even have a group name, and incidentally my brother and I were drinking Nestea canned drinks, one was Peach flavoured and the other Lemon, so I jokingly said "I say we should call ourselves The Peachy Lemons and all of us cracked at that. When all the laughter died down, the camera guy said "Hey, that's not bad. Go with it" and we went "Uhh... okay...". Choose from either one of these songs : Runaway | Bedroom Window.

Another thing I want to tell you guys about is my brother's works! He was working on a few frames of his animation clip (Very short, but very good). Then he showed it to me. Whooooaaaa! I know I'm his sister, and you might say I'm biased, but seriously, check it out : Bing's Very Short But Very Nice Clip. I wonder why I can't draw at all -_-

And when you do check out The Peachy Lemons, check out my eyes, they're darting everywhere! *chuckles* Nerves I'm telling you. It was kinda intimidating witht he camera and crew all staring at you, and you know this this is gonna be put up for people to see. It was a rush though, all of us couldn't stop talking when we stepped out of that studio *chuckles*. Oh, and as for the less-than-appealing outfit, I didn't even know we were gonna be shot!! I thought we were just going to record our voice, so I can in with a worn tshirt that I usually sleep in *chuckles*, though I'm not sure covering it with the zipfront was any better!

We live and learn. Be prepared for anything. *wink*


hteekay said...

it was three years??? god.. am i halucinating or what, I thought it was two years ago..

where did my one year go??!! >_<

Haizum said...

Not exactly 3 year lah. 2 and a half. =D So the question is where did your half year go?

Hadibi @ gndagnor said...

Wow I was SO skinny that tme :D Now I'm not so skinny haahahha