Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Somebody Get Me A Hammock

So here I am, motivated again, to frequently update my blog.

Why? Probably cause I had so much fun while I was at my brothers.

Not that we did anything much, mind you. I think there may be sometime in both our vibes, that when we're in the vicinity of each other, we just turn into lazy asses (more so than we normally are... Imagine that!). We schlump. That is what we do. In his room, he has a PC, a television, and a PlayStation2. So we have a rotation method going on. When he's using the PC, I'll be playing video games on the console. Vice versa. We get so lazy that we don't even go out for food. We just pick up the phone and call our dear friend McDonald so he can come over and bring food to US. And even then, we bicker about having to call. We spend about 10 minutes just arguing who should be the one to order. Go figure.

But I think of it as a balance. During the weekdays, I strive, almost religiously (almost, but not quite), to study (I strive, but sometimes I just don;t get there *chuckles*). So during weekends, that is how I unwind. When I'm at my brother's place. Sometimes, it's clubbing. But then that gets a little tiring too.

The perfect relaxation, for me, would be to lay down on a hammock, with my choice of drinks at my fingertips, and a good book in my hand. A not-too-sunny day. Soft breeze. I'd probably end up asleep, and not read the book at all, but hey, whatever works. =D


hteekay said...

i'm still wondering how the heck both of you can survive in that oven room....

it's blardy hot in there, don't you guys ever open up the window?

Haizum said...

OF COURSE WE DO. If we remember. hehe

Hadibi @ gndagnor said...


Haizum said...

Eleh, you cari me also if I don't =p