Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Beloved Butter Knife

Sometimes I think I'm not a very nice person.

Usually, this comes around whenever I'm annoyed at someone. I think vindictive thoughts. Scalping someone with a butter knife. Poking them to death with a blunt needle. *sigh*

After a few moments of this, I feel kinda bad. Cause, really, I wouldn't do those things.

I make myself feel better by justifying that by imagining these creative (albeit cruel) ways of inflicting pain on people is really a vent. It gets all the bad energy out. That was I won't come to a point where I really might do it 0_0



Anonymous said...

most of us have those kinda thoughts once in a while, bebeh ;)

Cherane said...

Water-Torture! Slooow...Water-torture!

(Oh dear I'm having weird dreams..maybe I should go lay down..) :) Hi aCOM!