Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Happy Place

Let me post an entry about my days in KK so far. I've only been here about 4 days, but it feels like it's already been 2 weeks cause so much has happened and I've been doing so many things! Jolly good!

1st Day Back in KK
The 4th of Syawal, or 4th day of Raya, in the afternoon. The first place I went to visit was my aunt's. Had to run a few errands then, and met Jack for a little chat in Lintas. Then it was off to Chica's house to celebrate raya with them for awhile. I didn't have much time to mingle with everyone though cause we had to rush off to Aish's house for his open house. When we got there, it was already kinda late, and no one else was there. *chuckles* But we found out, we weren't the only ones who were lat. A few of our other friends who were supposed to come by earlier apparently went on a detour to one of their in-laws-to-be *clears throat and looks at pointedly at Rini*. *chuckles* Then comes the best part!! We headed off to Coffee Bean Damai to see Double Take perform. It was beautiful! I cannot say how proud I am of Mia of all she's done. And props to Roger as well! In fact, let me just congratulate the Palencia's as a whole, cause I'm sure it took efforts from each and every one of them to get where they are now. *hugs all* And the smiles didn't end with Mia's beautiful renditions of her songs. Suddenly a whole bunch of my high school friends popped out of no where! And, yes, we all know, that when Convent girls meet each other, it doesn't matter if years - or even days - have passed, we'll all be screaming and hugging each other. It was great! Kind of like a spontaneous reunion! *chuckles* Some of these girls I hadn't seen since I left high school, so it was all very nice. All in all, that first night I was back in KK was almost magical.

2nd Day Back in KK
I found out that Chica - who had stayed over at my place the night before - is harder to wake up than I thought. *chuckles* I'm thinking this is very recent, cause she iidn't used to be like this when we were younger. Oh, the pains of growing, perhaps? Anyhow, our breakfast turned out to be lunch. We planned on dining in a small restaurant called Wan Wan somewhere near Beverly Hills (In Bundusan of course, not in California. Go figure =Þ), but they were closed and wouldn't be open for a few more days. So we decided on Mode Cafe, but not before seeing Hafiz before he left KK that day. after lunch, we figured we'd walk around CentrePoint, see if it felt any different than it did when we were younger. And surprise, surprise, it was. WAY different. This time around, we hadn't even been there 2 hours and we were ready to split. I can't imagine how we could stand just going round and round that place for more than 5 hours. (Don't tell me you didn't do this too! If you're denying, then you're a liar! =Þ) We had a funny incident happen that same day while waiting for Aish's phone call to confirm our movie date. Some guys were apparently trying pick up lines, and that is how Chica came to be Michelle, and I - are you ready for this? - Siti. *chuckles* Geez, that was ugly. Anyhow, we went for our movie - Zorro - (the first one was much better let me tell you, but I was so excited to be in a cinema that I didn't care!!) and then everyone went back home. I had a couple of hours to burn before I headed to Tanjung Aru for Double Take's album launch! Again, it was beautiful, and I was surprised that only a few of us went! *glares at Zura* Nessa was so pretty that night! Not that she isn't at other times, but more so then. =D We mingled for awhile then decided since it was Chica's last night here in KK we didn't want to go home so early. We decided to go out, but since I was going to send Chica back home, I needed someone to be in the car with me after I sent her back home! (If anyone's ever been to Chica's house and has gone through the road on the hill on the way to her house, he/she will understand). So we went to pick up Aish, had drinks at Salim II. To my delight, we met up with my darling Carl and Jacky! And Jean and Shahrul! I hadn't seen Jean in sooo long! More hugs and such. *chuckles* Told everyone we'd have more time to catch up with each other since I was going to be in KL - where they are - anyhow, to continue studies. Then I was on my way to send my 2 friends home, and on to my own!

3rd Day Back in KK
Started pretty late cause I didn't have anything to do until lunchtime at Ita's! She made spaghetti and it was delish! More laughs and idiotic jokes later, we were in the airport to send Chica off. I sent Ita back home and went back to mine to have a nap. A few hours later, I went out with my sister Salha a.k.a. Dedeng and Syaiful for dinner and a movie. Dinner was... bland. The food of course, not the company. Never the company! =D And the movie was great! We watched Corpse Bride and Victor had a startling resemblance to my brother Hadibi a.k.a. Bibing *chuckles*. Sorry Bing, but it's true. Then it was back to Salim II again for drinks, then home to La La Land.

4th Day Back in KK
Today was pretty much the same as yesterday, with me, my sister Dedeng and Syaiful going around town, proudly donning our shades *chuckles*. It's Pul's last day here in KK, and even now he's at the airport waiting for his plane to Labuan. And here we are, my and my sis, in some cybercafe, both checking our friendster accounts and updating our blogs.

So there. Phew! I'm predicting slower days in the near future sinec almost all my friends have flown back to their campuses or workplaces. And my wallet's getting dry *chuckles*. That said, I hope my first days in KL will be just as fun!


Twyla said...

I just got back! We had really bad turbulence. *sigh*
But sis & I popped into Center as wel, & I asked her the same thing. I mean WHAT DID WE DO? Meet up at BK, walk around each floor like 3 or 4 times and then what? I mean I don't love KK any less but I'd pick 1U over CP anyday.
It was great meeting up btw!!!! Even though I was a bit dull I know, I know..PMS just had to happen when I'm in KK bah kan?

Anonymous said...

hi acom

did u go and visit chaceeq...


Haizum said...

@Nessa : You weren't dull you ninny. And no worries, we have lots of time to catch up!

@Paya : Why, yes I did! Baru semalam we went there again, me and Dedeng. The first thing I did when I got here was to go to your place, then me and Mummy went to the hospital to see her. =D She's doing great!