Thursday, October 20, 2005

TAG! You're It!

Ooh I just love Nessa! She's becoming my favourite BlogMate. If you need one reason to visit her site, make it the colours that she has there! *sigh* Oh how I love colours. So here, I'm dedicating this entry especially to her and her tag. *hugs* I love you bunches Nessa. =D

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:
1. Confront a Spider *gulp*.
2. Publish my writings (And get paid for it).
3. Live in Spain for at least a year.
4. Get ALL my friends in one place again and not have any feeling BUT joy around us.
5. Get a house with a big lawn (And have someone else mow the lawn for me!).
6. Speak several languages other than the ones I do now.
7. Get as much shoes as I can! (I just HAD to put something inane here!)

Seven Things I Could Do
1. Work out more (Syeaaarriight!).
2. Stop messaging people so much on my phone until the keypad's all worn.
3. Pay more attention to things I'm doing.
4. Diet. ("Could" you see, but we never know if I "will" hehe)
5. Keep in touch more with my old friends.
6. Have the guts to drive a manual car again. =D
7. Give more hugs to all my friends!

Seven Celebrity Crushes
1. Johnny Depp.
2. Jason Mamoa.
3. Johnny Whitworth.
4. Who's that guy who plays Lex?
5. Keanu Reeves during his Speed days.
6. These twin singers. I have no idea what their names are. I think they sang a song for the Dawson's Creek series?
7. Elijah Wood (I won't delete this entry of Nessa's, cause I kinda like him too!)

Seven Most Repeated Words
1. Geez.
2. Seriously?
3. That's insane!
4. What thef??
5. Yeah yeah~
6. Apanya?
7. Babi hutan...

Seven Traits I Look For In The Opposite Sex
1. That he actually understands what I'm talking about.
2. A sense of humour is definitely a must.
3. A dimple!
4. That he is tall. Please. Give our children a chance to be like their father instead of their vertically challenged mother.
5. He has a love for art, in any form.
6. Is comfortable being himself.
7. Is able to handle that I do what I want to do. Sharing hearts, no sharing lives.

So there you go! And, since this was so much fun to do, I think I'll share with everyone else!

I tag :

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Cherane said...

I did it already. Come to the playground if you wanna know. :p