Monday, October 17, 2005

Days Go By...

Eid is getting nearer.

My sister Salha is coming back from KK.

My brother Hadibi is coming back from KL.

My sister is going to KL to celebrate with her in-laws. *sigh*

You can't have everything can you? =)

I guess I took it for granted that all of us were always going to greet Eid together. You know when you're young, you're thoughts don't go beyond the next playtime. I guess as I got older, I DID realize that it wasn't always going to be so, but then you kind of hope it will. Naive, I know, but I'm only human.

So as the days of Ramadan pass me by, I immerse myself in the day to day goings-on. Cooking with Ummi, watching TV with my brother Hasanal. Most of the time we're all huddled in my parents' room cause everywhere else in the house is too hot and the gnats and mosquitoes are a little too friendly, with me in particular. *chuckles*

It used to be I'd go the Ramadan market everyday! But this year I've only gone twice. Like I said, I'm usually cooking at home.

Speaking of which, my mother has gone on a baking frenzy, ever since we fixed our oven. *chuckles* Cookies, muffins, gratin. All good!

After Eid, I'll only have a few weeks before I fly off to KL. Bittersweet.

The Bitter?
Leaving my parents again.
Not being with my cat, Mool.
No more laundry service. *chuckles*

The Sweet?
I'll be near my brother Hadibi again. And his weirdo friend, Ho. (I suspect there will be some adventures here~)
I'll be closer to getting my mortar board.
My friends!

But that's Life. As days go by, you take highs and the lows. That's how you strike a balance.

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Twyla said...

anything in the name of books and sushi!!!