Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Little Reflecting

How do YOU go through life? Do you take everything at face value? Do you analyze every single thing until you can figure out every possible reason and effect your present actions will have on everything else? Or do you just go on, doing whatever it is you do, without a care, with the belief that everything that happens was meant to happen anyway so why bother planning?

Is one way easier than another? But then again, lugging a couple of sacks of sands up a hill might be easier for one person, than it is for another. Isn't that how it is with everything? Everyone has a particular standard that they adhere to, whether it be tolerance for pain, or even the capacity to love. So, we've established that everyone is different, and we KNOW that everyone is different. So why is it sometimes hard for us to remember this fact?

I really shouldn't say "us", when what I really mean is "me". In my personal experience, I do sometimes forget that everyone has a different way of dealing with things. Sometimes I can't figure out why a friend of mine can't see the answer to the situation is right under her nose, when I can? It leads to a lot of annoyance on both our parts, and a lot of upset. Not all the time, but when my mule-headedness is reigning at that particular moment in time, I tend to insist that she take MY way of unraveling the knot. *sigh* But I am sure that most of us have often stood right there in that spot. We don't realize we're doing it, until in the wee hours of the morning, after what feels like forever of tossing and turning, and your head is all clear that you realize and think "Oh man, that was terrible. That was just so wrong."

Why do you think this happens? Are all of us THAT self-centered? (Oh geez, am I that self-centered? 0_0) I hope not. I would like to believe (And may it be true), that as humans, with all our imperfections, sometimes fail to see as much alike we are, so are we different.

So no matter how you deal with it, remember that there isn't only one way. Different stages call for different props. And just cause one person is using a different prop than you might have doesn't mean that person's an idiot. It's just what they're most comfortable with.


Twyla said...

I go through life as an analyzer. I scrutinize everything (well almost). How it will affect me, or people around me, my surroundings, my feelings. I'm a constant worrier & apparently my stress level is high. Sucks as.
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
I think its called a matter of prefference. & I think I read somewhere that self-centered-ness is human nature :)

Haizum said...

Yeah, I guess it would have to be wouldn't it? Some stuff that we have today wouldn't be around if someone weren't so self-centered back then. Take the mirror, for example. One of my favourite things to looks at. *ahem*

Twyla said...

i know this has ntg to do with the post hee hee but I tagged you on my blog:

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If you have the time that is :D
& bloggers comment posting is scary...whats with the word verication thingey?

Cherane said...


the word verification is to make sure that there's a real human writing the post and not a spam machine. don't worry bout it. its just to clean this place up.

cool, i have "yrdgame".

Cherane said...

i go through life as an observer now.
the times that i go for it is few and far in between.

its fun being impulsive once in a while.

hey, its easy being human.the guy up stairs really have a high opinion of us though. i guess we just wanna live up to that. :p

hteekay said...

self centered.. yep.. that's human allright.. *nod head*
I like to call the people who don't see things my way as idiots, morons and hard headed. Especially those who got dumped by their lover or those who fell in love with those who are taken as they like to ask for your opinion on the issue but but not willing to take in what you've told them because they already have planted their answer to their question. In the end they just want someone to agree with them.
But by saying that i'm just contradicting myself because I know if I were in their situation, I'd do the same thing as they did... haiz.. we are all self-centered sometimes..