Wednesday, October 05, 2005

And Here We Are Again

Oh yeah. Ramadan is here. What a great feeling. You get all excited, great food all around, knowing Raya is just 4 weeks away!

Somehow things feel different during Ramadan. At least for me. =)

I'm calmer.

At the same time full of energy.

I get all excited to have the whole family under one roof again, even for just a few days.

Everyone's more appreciative of each other.

Ah, the wonders of Ramadhan.

It's probably all just in my head, but then again the world is as we perceive it. So what I think it to be, it must be so. =D

Happy Ramadan for everyone around! May we be blessed a hundred times over for our good deeds, and may they be the ONLY deeds we partake in. And may He bless us all with this notion for ALL time.


hteekay said...

AAhhh.. bulan Ramadan and puasa.. puasa almost always gave a wrong impression to people that they can put off some of the weight because usually during buka puasa, people would normally eat more than they should. Which in turn would make them fatter.. Muahahaha!!
anyway, I tried puasaing last year and frankly it didn't help much on my weight.. -__-
Anywho, I'm gonna be all alone during Raya.. haiz.. plus HDB don't have a car anymore so I can't use one during Raya.. this sucks! >_< ahhhahaha..
just kidding, happy Bulan Ramadan to all you!

Cherane said...

Happy Happy Puasa!

They have a nice puasa time over here.

Hm....true people are calmer.

But some....


Haizum said...

Wahu~ Kesian you Ho. Isokay. We send you some kuih and stuff! =D

hteekay said...

You betta!!! >=]