Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Really Wish I Had A Digital Camera And A Scanner

At first I thought I wasn't gonna do the tag Nessa had of me, cause I wouldn't be able to add piccies here. But nevermind. I can add them later on. =)

The Year I Was Born 1984

    That year, I don't really know much about what happened, save that a special person - I - was born. *chuckles*

    My sister missed me at birth cause she was out and about Londontown with my Aunt, uncle and cousin. When she came back, she found she had another kid sister. To bully. Grr...

10 Years Ago 1995

    I was in 5th Grade, Saint Francis Convent Primary School.

    This was the year I discovered that guys can be kinda cute. I still thought them lesser beings, though.

    I realized I had a passion for rollerblades (I have to find my pair again=/) and street hockey. I was actually pretty good at both.

    I still held on to the belief that life was all peaches and cream.

5 Years Ago 2000

    Form 4, honeymoon year, Saint Francis Convent Secondary School.

    For-life friends I forged.

    My first experience with romantic relationships.

    My first experience with breakups.

    My first real experience with emotional turmoil.

    Made known my dreams to anyone who would listen. *chuckles* Cher and Chica were usually the ears. My Very Own Restaurant.

    This was a special year. One that I won't ever forget.

3 Years Ago 2002

    1st year college, Taylor's College of Hospitality and Tourism.

    I made new friends!

    All fun and games with Cha, Dede and Iban around this time. They bunked over nearly EVERY weekend. We'd go out for drives without a destination, usually just sometimes to have drinks. We went out to party~ And we went to watch movies. Lots of heart-to-hearts went on at this time. *hugs Cha, De, Iban* Love you guys!

This Year 2005

    Tried my hand at my own business.

    Relishing my nearness to my parents.

    I have been tutoring and generally playing nanny to my nieces here in Sandakan. I am a source of interest for them too, apparently. They keep asking me about my excapades while I was in school or college. Hmm... Let us hope they don't follow in my footsteps. Or if they do, let's pray they have the sense to only just OCCASIONALLY put their toes beyond that line.

Next Year 2006

    I'll be studying again. I'm so excited!!

    I'll make MORE friends!!!

    I'll be able to hang out with my crazed brother Hadibi more. I can manja manja with him! Yeahoo! And occasionally bug the hell out of Ho and Fendi *chuckles*.

    SUSHI KING AND MPH! (And maybe Borders. I haven't been there yet so we'll see. If it's anything like the one in Singapore, I'll be happy to live out the rest of my days there =D)

10 Years From Now 2015

    Okay, that was weird, typing out that year. *chuckles*

    I'll still be as gorgeous.

    I'll have my own family. I'll be a great mother and wife. *gulp* (InsyaAllah!)

    I'll be a successful entrepreneur, with my own chain of businesses. I'll be rich. Maybe rich enough to own a franchise of Sushi King and MPH. =D Oh, paradise.

    I'll still be who I am now, the same ideals, same virtues. Different perspective, definitely. Still me, yet a better me.

So there. Growing pains. Those of you who've weaved in and out of my life, some you'll know, some you won't. Those of you who know me better can probably sill in the blanks between the years. *wink*

It's a beautiful life.


hteekay said...

AHHhhh,~~~ the joy of day dreaming.......

Haizum said...

Yesh. The joy! Don't you just love what that word means? =D

Twyla said...

Isn't it great how our best memories are always connected with Convent? I know a junior who absolutely loathes Convent & I tried..but I really couldn't see it her way.
I just loved Convent way too much

Haizum said...

Loathed Convent?? *chuckles* She must be from another planet!!