Monday, September 19, 2005

And Finally, After So Long...

Hello!!! Oh man, I haven't added a new entry here in a month! I have just recently turned "adult". *chuckles* Quite celebration, just a great dinner with my family. Well most of them at least. none of my siblings were around, just my parents, my grandaunt and my cousin. It felt kinda cool to be celebrating it like this. I think all of my birthday were celebrated with a lot of Hoo Haa (Being me, why wouldn't they have been? =Þ), and this experience was in sync with everything else in my life right now, mellow and calm.

Anyhow, today is my first cuti after having been in Zamboanga for 2 weeks sometime in July, so I decided to go to a place called Kim Fung Town here in Sandakan. Why cause a few days ago, while driving down to my BnB from home, I saw that there was a small bookstore here! I haven't checked it out yet, deciding that I would come here to the cyber cafe to check my mail and messages and whatnots. There were a lot of people who wished me a happy birthday and are probably wondering why I haven't replied to say thank you and probably are right now thinking how ungrateful I am. Well, I am very, very grateful. Thank you to everybody who greeted me. My computer's busted, so I haven't been able to go online. So here's a big THANK YOU to all of you! *HUGSMUAX*

Back to the bookstore, my hopes are high. I'll probably be able to get away with a new book to read today! I have been reding our family collection of encyclopedias, and let me just say that I am now quite full of information. *chuckles* We'll see how the bookstore is in awhile. This can only go two ways. The next time I place a post here, I'll either be raving about my new book, or cursing the bookstore owner. *chuckles*

I wonder if there is a cyber cafe that isn't filled with the sounds of guys screaming at the top of their lungs as if they really are on a battlefield...

Speaking of which, I once sat with a friend in a booth and he was playing one of these games. I think it was called Rainbow Six? Anyway, as I looked at the screen as he was playing, I got dizzy. Like waaaay dizzy. And I don't get these headaches all the time. In fact, very rarely. So I don't know how these people can stand it. *sigh* But I guess to each his own, no? =)

I miss singing. I miss dancing. I miss performing.

That is all. I'm sure I had a lot more to write about, but I think I've already recorded them in my diary. so it kinda dilutes the want of hacing to write it again here. Hmm... Let's hope my next entry doesn't have as big a gap as this last one. *muax* Love you all!


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hteekay said...

Omg... i forgot when ur birthday is... i'm so sorry (not that it matters to u i think).
Anyway happy belated birthday woman! >_<

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Anonymous said...

hi love.... so sorry i wasnt there during your birthday. anyway happy belated birthday.. i love you lots *muax*

Anonymous said...

hi love.... so sorry i wasnt there during your birthday. anyway happy belated birthday.. i love you lots *muax*

Cherane said...

i miss acom.



happy belated bday...