Thursday, September 22, 2005

Books? What books?

Okay, so it has been a few days, and I have promised to update all of you on my visit to a certain bookstore. Well, let me just say, they have a lot of nerve calling their place a bookstore, leading us innocents to believe that it actually IS a bookstore. in the whole of the store, it had books that only filled 2 selves, and sparsely I might add. The rest of it had walls lined with magazines, stationery and other little trinkets that are definitely NOT books. It should be caled a bookstore! a bookstore has t osell books! The least they could do after calling it one was to make sure the store sold more books than anything else!! If you still haven't figured it out yet : I. Am. Disappointed.

But the good thing is, I was so desperate that I went all the way to the local library, which is a little way off. It was a god thing to. They have a modest amount of popular fiction and some other stuff. I'm thinking I'll probably read through most of the books in a few months, but at least I've got something to keep me going now. I'm a library card holder now. =D Who would've thought. But then again, it's actually kinda surprising don't you think, that I'm so fond of reading, but it's only now that I step foot into it. I guess I could always go to a bookstore and hang out there for hours before, but seeing as I couldn't possibly do that while I'm here, I've finally turned to the good ol' library. Lots of high-schoolers though. I was the only one there who wasn't wearing a uniform.

I've just found out that a very dear friend of mine is moving in the neighbourhood! He hasn't had a housewarming party yet, but I suspect it'll be soon. He's in my Friends list, so be sure to check his place out. I'm sure he'd welcome the visits. Pi, I love you! *muax* And good luck with the move.

And speaking of books, I really have to mention this. Raymond E Feist has got to be one of the more terriffic writers in the Fantasy genre. any Fantasy enthusiasts should check him out. Even if you're not, once you read him, you will be. =D His most recent book is King of Foxes, second installation from his The Conclave of Shadows series. He has a few. Riftwar and Serpentwar are a couple of them. That said, all his books center around the same world, Midkemia. Very nice. Bookworms should check him out. That sounds dodgy doesn't it? Well you know what i meant. Check his books out. =D


hteekay said...

HHmmm... here's a thought Acom, why don't you open a small (maybe second hand)book store beside your BnB?? Maybe there's someone who share the same interest as yours and might share it.. that way you get to read books that they sold to you and you get to sell books that you have read.... nice ya?

Or maybe organise a book club.. XD

(If you got rich over this , don't forget me ya??)

Cherane said...


is berjaya find mitch albom's books! is happy! is reading tuedays with morrie.

is happy+ uh-oh...coz found out Dyna have HPTHBP of her dilemma wanna borrow or wait for the paperback (Amazing how I waited this long...haha)

just found this bookstore with lots of cats! in the shelves on the floor at the counter. Everywhere! Kinda nice.

*points up* nice idea for your BnB. Your guests might appreciate it too. :p