Friday, August 12, 2005

40 Kinds Of Sadness

First off, I would like to say that I have never actually heard this song (Yes, it is a song.) by that guy Ryan something who sang "True". Anyway, I was flipping channels when I saw the video. I thought it was an apt title for this entry as I am feeling pretty sad.

It's already been about 4 days shy of a month since the latest installment of the Harry Potter series was released, and I have yet to read it. Unfortunately for me, during my one week stay in KK, the bookstores were fresh out of stock. (Jacky you lied to me, you said that the new shipment would be there within that week. I still have no ownership of one Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince =Þ) Miserable timing no? I will now have to coax my darling Piyush into sending that .pdf file he has of the book. But as yet, I haven't seen him online in almost a month. *sigh* Pi, if you're reading this, maybe you can send it to me by e-mail? *muax* I love you. =D

On a happier note, a few nights ago I burned RM20 to call my very best friend Chica, all the way in Miri. It was good! It's been a long time since I've been on the phone that long with her. She's lovely! *muax* I love you Cha. She gave me new make-up to play with! *chuckles* The next time we see each other (hopefully sometime in the not so far future), we'll probably be doing the same things we always do when were together! Munch, dance, joyriding (not necessarily in that order!) and all the while conversing non-stop~! Oh, how I long for the days~ *chuckles* You and Ron take care of yourselves ya hear?

I'm missing my brother Bibing. *slaps Bibing* He's such a toot. He's going to KK on the 21st of this month and I won't be able to see him. *sigh* Bing, did you buy the book by the way? Any chance you can mail it here to me? =D Well, whatever it is, one of these days, when I have money and time, I'll go over to KL and see you and cook you that one week's worth of dinner I promised you. It will be a VERY belated birthday gift. *chuckles*

Hey, I just logged into my mailbox and I have 55 new messages, most of which I'm sure, are useless. Hah! I knew it. *chuckles* I'm hoping for a loooong one from any one of my friends *ahem* (hint hint). =D

Ugh I'm so sleepy, but here I am in my dad's office at 2135 hrs to accompany my brother. Some people are renting the office space so he needs to be here. Fortunately, I can be online while all this is going on. I'll probably fall asleep at some point. *sigh*

I'll have to think of some cheerful things to write about next time around. These last couple have been a tad morose. *chuckles* But never fear. I, the perpetually (and disgustingly) cheerful person, am only human and it is understandable that I have my moments of less-than-happies. But I do bounce back again. (This reminds me of a nice quote I got from my dad : The harder you fall, the higher you bounce. Nice, ne?) Expect bursts of joy coming from me in the future! *muax* Love you guys. =D


hteekay said...


can't u order the hairy pothead by mail?? hehehe... how's ur BnB business? good ya? i kinda miss ur spagetthi (tak tau camna nak spell <-- eleh cakap org semenanjung. hehehe)..
anyway.. have a good day!!!

Haizum said...

It's "spaghetti" Ho. And thank you! I miss cooking it. And business is going fine! I have a Dutch family of 3 satying over at the moment.

Cherane said...

Satying? Eating satay?

Anyway, HPTHBP is evrywhere around me here! And I can't get my grimy hands on it because
a) no money
b) no one bought it yet so i can borrow

One of the 'perks' of being a cheapskate.

will get the paperback next year.

Good luck tho on You getting it.
*Flying Kiss*

Anonymous said...

i read zar's copy of HPTHBP. lisa read it too... i already have the king of foxes here with me :) so i'll send it with lisa today for you ok... i know i know i am such a perfect sister..ot to mention gorgeous too ;) *muax*

Hadibi @ gndagnor said...

A lot of Harry Potter here~ Lets both buy it then it wouldn't be so expensive to me XD The book is like RM99.90!! Was it always that expensive? O_o;;; I think you told me you'll be in KL on September ya. Come down to KK! The BnB won't die if you just took a day off!! XD Sigh, at least Dedeng'll be there XB

Anonymous said...

i didnt see mima the other day so the book is still with me.... will send it soon ok

Haizum said...

I read it already!!! The Half-Blood Prince I mean. Drama, drama, and more drama!! Woohoo! A little bit of romance too, though that was pretty weird. hehe. Anyhow, Lisa forgot to bring it the other day Deng, King of Foxes, so I haven't read it yet. And she's still there so... *sigh*