Friday, July 29, 2005

Lightheaded and Sexy

Okay. After several years of resisting, I have finally succumbed to... well... not temptation really.

Anyhow, as I was saying, I hav succumbed. To Shisha. I tried puffing it once, a fw years ago, in Carl's apartment in Puncak Damansara. I coughed as if my lungs were trying to climb out my throat. Not a very nice feeling. =D

So while I was in my sister's house, we had a Shisha session (Ooh tongue twister~) and that was fine. I learned to make smoke circles. I think I made one. Barely. *chuckles*

Then, the day after that, while it was only me and Paya at home, we decided to have another go. There are two Shisha contraptions (I don't know what those things are called.) so it was one for me ad one for Paya. She likes lemon and I favour peach, so it was a fine arrangement.

As we started to Shisha, I felt lightheaded. *chuckles* Yes, I really did. In fact, I felt light-everything-ed. *laughs* I wobbled as I went to the opposite wall to turn off the lights, and then light the candle. The effect on the smoke was pretty. *chuckles* We played around with it. It was fun. But I suspect Paya may have added something to the flavouring. *chuckles*

Besides that, I noticed that my voice became sexier *chuckles*. Okay, not really, but it became a lot deeper after a few puffs. Hehe. Interesting.

So that was it people. My experience with Shisha. Will I be doing it again? Probably not. It felt weird. *chuckles* Maybe I'm too sensitive, who knows? But after a splitting headache (That followed the lightheadedness) I'm pretty sure I'll think twice (Or then again maybe more) before I do.


Cherane said...

shisha session?
*eyebrow raised*

i think you had one too many puffs!

there's a first time for evrything...and a second...and a third..and a fourth...

Anonymous said...

normally shisha doesnt have any side effects.. hahah except the nice taste of whatever flavor you have.
my friends tend to put a bit of weed .. that would explain the post-lightheadedness..


Hadibi @ gndagnor said...

;_; sounds fun though hehe

hteekay said...

acom!!!! never knew u blogs too.. i'm a newbie. >_<

hahaha.. i miss puffing shisha... alot.. noone to accompany me TT_TT..

anyway... check out my blog n leave some comments ya?? XD (yeah i know that's low but i am that way!! LOL)

Anonymous said...

WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!! i'm so passionate about sheesha... i almost think i am addicted.