Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Going Home

Alright everybody. Today is my last day here in Zamboanga. (I saw a cute guy last night. He had such a nice smile! *sigh*) Anyhow, Inah (That's my grandmother) is getting better and better. She can sit up now and eat solids! Yeahoo! Yesterday was her 75th birthday! We're looking forward to many more~ I'm planning on coming back here more often. =D *muax everybody* I cooked a chicken dish for everybody. It was all fun! And did I mention the cute guy? *siiiigh*

Anyhow, we're leaving for Sandakan tomorrow afternoon. I'm kinda sad to leave the family here in Zamboanga, but I'm kinda excited to go back to my BnB. And yes, I will be reluctant to go cause in my 2 weeks here, only last night did I find a swoonworthy guy. *sigh* Nevermind. There's always the net to stay connected to him *wink*

So there you go. I haven't updated in so long I know, and this isn't much of an update. But I have several ideas for serious posts, which I'll use when I get back to Sandakan cause I'm actually waiting for my cousin to get ready so we can go out. Not enough time to blog. 0_0

Bye everybody! By this time tomorrow I'll be pining for the Philippines. =/


Cherane said...

3 sighs on a guy?
he must be something. :)
missed you!

Hadibi @ gndagnor said...

You...slut! O_O;;; ahahahahah (:D