Friday, July 01, 2005


Hello people. I'm here in Pasonanca! For those of you who don't know, that's in Zamboanga, Philippines. I'm at my uncle's house. Turns out I'll be here for longer than expected. Err..I can't be here long. I'm actually waiting for my cousin to get ready. I've become a go-fer. *sigh* I'm sent on an errand to get my wafter of a brother a pair of slippers. *muax* Love you all.

Oh my grandmother is out of the hospital and is convalescing at home, in Lunzuran. It's full house there everyday, with all the uncles and aunties and their children around to visit with my grandmother. We've more coming from Manila later today! Happy happy joy joy!

Oh and I got a jewellery box from my grandmother. It's handmade. O_O From Japan. Real nice.

Bye everybody! Love you all!


Anonymous said...

i've always wanted to go to the phillipines.
flip guys are sooo gorgeous!

hope your gram will get well soon, com!

Cherane said...

hey, that's good news! I'm glad that your granny is out of the hospital. :) Now, you can relax and enjoy..the view? *wink wink nudge nudge* hehe

Anonymous said...

i miss you & everyone!!! i cry everytime listen to michael buble's Home :( uweeekkkk!!!

Hadibi @ gndagnor said...

ARGH! Why isn't karangkraf in KK ;_; Miss you all ya dumb lugs! Yay, enak ok already ya :D Hug her for me!!