Saturday, July 16, 2005

Blink Blink Blink I See Pink

Alright everybody. It's official. I'm feeling extremely feminine these days. *chuckles* Hormones perhaps? I don't know for sure. All I know is, I'm swooning, sighing and powdering my nose at any given moment. *chuckles* Hence the remodelling. This will probably be going on for a few months, before I start repainting the place again. This phase probably came about cause I was in Philippines and I had a lot of girl cousins and aunts there. Ate Dada, Rhaiza, Teta Sharifa, Lovely, Ummi Am, Aunti Imang, Pipang. Geez, I was surrounded by girls while I was there. As opposed to when I'm here, in Sandakan, where there a lot of guys.

I'm noticing a lot of pink things lately. *eyes wide* My telephone, the book I'm reading, my baju kurung, my memo pads. *chuckles* This will be the colour of the month. =D

It's such a joy being a girl isn't it? You get away with so much. *chuckles* And most of the things in the market nowadays cater specifically to us ladies. Cars, cellphones, books, furniture, even stationery. It's so easy to get accessories to emphasize our femininity. and at a very reasonable price too. Here in Malaysia, I've never heard a girl complain about getting ANYTHING they want for a good price. It's the opposite for my male friends. Even my brother. He has, countless times, been complaing about the high prices bordering on extortion put up for products directed to the male of the species. *chuckles* Poor guys.

I recently read a friend's blog mentioning how "most girls are just dumb". I do understand, that he was angry and depressed (Not to mention drunk *chuckles*) while he was expressing himself, and he was generalising. And granted, he did say "most" and not "all". But still. =) His page hits skyrocketed just because of it, and he was bombarded by comments from friends (Girls. Surprise surprise. =Þ) chastising him because of it. *chuckles* Like I said, I understand his position. Yet I resent him saying that as well. (You know who you are bebeh. *Bops you with a pink coloured toy hammer*) I admit that everybody does tend to generalise whenever they feel a strong emotion (Anger, especially), but I say we should think about it before we share them publicly don't you agree? =)

So girls. Be girls. Rejoice in your femininity~ And boys, you should be rejoicing because of it as well =Þ


Cherane said...

New carpet! New carpet!

Me likey!

Matches MY carpet perfectly! *tee-hee*


Anonymous said...

pink is my favourite cra-yon

tagged u at my site, com

Hadibi @ gndagnor said...

lol, and just a few months ago i was looking to buy a pink colored shirt XD

Anonymous said...

ahHa..the bLoG sIte u meNtioNed..sOunds famiLiaR ;)
biaRLah..he waS aNgry baH tHat..
i'LL leT it paSs..
juZ thiS onCe..
if eVEr he saYs that aGain..
wE'll kiLL him toGetheR aiGhts?

p/s : brani sUDah me kUnun maU coMment :P

hteekay said...

LMAO... u're funnie gal~~~