Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I got a call from a friend last night, and he asked "So what've you been up to? Painting the town red?".

Far from it.

Since I've been back in KL, my daily itinerary has been made of mainly 3 things. Class, reading, and shisha. On weekends and no-class days, I do my reading and shisha, right here in Paya's place (Yes, folks, no class today!).

He asks, somewhat incredulously, "What, no clubbing?".


"No dates?"


"You know, you've got the wrong love in your life".

By which he means the reading and the shisha.

The whole time I was having this conversation, Paya was doing her homework, and as soon as I hung up, I asked her if she thought we were losers. *chuckles*

"Of course we're not. We're just content".

*sigh* Should I be worried? A fun-loving, young person like myself, who, for the past week, has opted to stay home (or sometimes Paya's home *ahem*) and read, forsaking a few movie dates and clubbing invitations by friends. Maybe I'm just still a little depressed about being back here in KL.


Mas Light said...

u should be! i mean..*cough cough I didn't mean it dat way..I mean all the fun stuff is here!! Back in KK!!! XD I still love u compy! *muax

Anyways, does dat mean I'm a loser too? @_@

Nick Phillips said...

Each to his/her own I would say. And seriously there is nothing better than staying home with a good book, well urmmm, staying home sleeping might be a wee bit better la ... LOL!

Ratu Syura said...

macamana la mau bawak kamu jalan ni kalau i go back kl? what if i wanna meet up with u and paya?? i guess i'll only meet up with u two if im also in the mood to read and shisha! hahaha..

Rozella said...

If you're a loser so I also kira a loser too. :P I have no social life!

D.Marcus said...

Wait till you hit the 9 to 5 routine. Oh, dear sweet gawd.

Don't be like the rest of us deskjob losers. I beg of thee.

fie the elf said...

babe i'm gonna be arriving in kl on sept 13th. lets go dancing and do some cocktail drinking alright?

Anonymous said...

Shisha? Never liked it and never will. :-P