Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Teeny Weeny Bikini

Ah finally.

I've been trying to log on for the past few days. Patience is not my strong suit, so after a few tries (each time, mind you) I gave up. Lady luck seems to be on my side tonight. :D

The connection has been below par as of late. -_- I can't watch any videos online, my emails are taking forever to load and it's putting a kink in my blogging (which I have to admit has been pretty kinked for the past couple of months. :D). Anyhow, all is well. :D

My arms hurt like a b*itch. Why? Cause I spent half an hour today swimming laps in my cousins place.

Yes, people. Acom is again trying her hand at the whole get fit business. If you recall, earlier this year, I mentioned that I'd started jogging. See the problem with jogging is that it's not very anatomically friendly to those of us who are well-endowed, if you get my drift. *sigh* Good thing my cousin's moved to KL, and she has a pool at her place!

I was so revved up that I bought a swimsuit today, that cost me RM69. A bargain if you consider that I got it from Roxy. :D It was on a 70% discount. I'd been trying to find ones that could... uhh... support me, so to speak, but I hadn't had any luck, until today! I bought swimming goggles as well. So I had my gear ready. Off we went home, and while my dear cousin toiled away doing her homework, I hi-ho'ed myself to the pool. Felt a little self-conscious, but I just kept in mind that I had to lose the 4 kilos I gained while I was back home so I could fit in my jeans nicely again. :D

I'm getting my shisha fix almost daily these days, cause I bought one of them cute little hookahs (or bongs, if you prefer, but "bong" has such a negative connotation to it) and stashed it, again, in my cousin's place. :D Yes, it is my second home. In fact, I've spent more time there in the past 2 weeks than I have here in my room!

Ah, the bed beckons. Morning class tomorrow. Back again to the life of a student.


Unknown said...

Nada gambar kah santai2 dekat pool?? Anyways, welcome back to blogging.. I've been getting so frustrated with the connection too. Online for hours and can only manage to leave comments for a handful of people.. :( This really sucks!

Mas Light said...

Uish...excited jua ni budak..XD Swimming ei..I need to start on jogging too gahhh!!!! I feel FAT!

xrothe said...

Bah sia paham juga tu perasaan. Sia punya sister ada masalah juga tuh. Kesian dia, sampai dia mau buat boob reduction. hoho.

Yes trying to talk sabahan here. Nothing to see.

Nick Phillips said...

Swimming is something I simply cannot do and I'd probably even drown in a bucket of water ... LOL! Welcome back to the blogging world :D

Ratu Syura said...

You're not alone babe. Being back home has its downsides and gaining weight is one of em! *sigh*

fie the elf said...

commm i wanna go swimming too once im in kl. we exercise together kay ? =D

Rozella said...

I need to start working out too! The perut is getting so the buncit! How lah this?

Anonymous said...

wow, ahem ahem bikini bah. ada gambar kah that? hehe, bleh kasih tinguk member2 you swimming then? hehe

Anonymous said...

Where's the pic of you in the bikini?! (or swimming suit) :P

Mike DeNeut said...

Whats up? Everyone shoudl check out my blog & subscribe...

What is with all the "blog comment moderation"? has someone been spamming blogs lately?

Haizum said...

@Everybody: No pictures! *laughs* I'm not ready to show off yet.

@Shemah: Connection is okay now, methinks.

@Mas: Yeah Mas! Let's all *cringe* excercise.

@Rul: Bidak oh you Rul. 0_0

@Nick: *laughs* Hasn't anyone ever thrown you in a lake or something?

@Syura: That's peobably the ONLY reason I get a little worried about a trip back home!

@Fie: Sure babe! When are you coming down again?

@Rozie: *laughs* That's my problem too!

@Rizal: NO way! :P

@Cindy: Cannot show yet. :P

@Mike: Sure Mike, I'll drop by. I haven't gotten spams lately, but a couple of years back I got some serious hate-spams. 0_0

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Was it a two piece bikini? Hehehe..kidding! I was just there at Roxy last Thurs and Sat. Saw one beach hat,made me drooled! Asked my bf to buy it fer me, but immediately changed my mind. (how i regretted my decision) muahahaha. Nevertheless, i got myself a nice lady like blouse instead, and i'm pretty satisfied! Btw, i'll be in Kl this Thursday for my convocation and next coming saturday, hopped to KK, yeehaa!

Anonymous said...

ya lets swim .. hihi kunu la