Friday, May 02, 2008

Shopped Til I Dropped (Almost)

Nothing like a few days of shopping that'll cure your homesickness. :D

And that is pretty much what I've been doing since my friend from KK came to visit. I haven't been blogging much she came around cause I've been so pooped! Imagine a week straight of 12-hours-a-day shopping sprees! Let me show you what I got for myself. :D

1 pair of white(ish) flats. I found that I didn't have basic coloured

I'm a flip flop girl, so when I saw these for 5 bucks,
I couldn't resist. (Forgive the worn look, I've been wearing
it everywhere since I bought it a few days ago :P)

1 blue skirt.

2 long skirts that I've decided to wear as long tube dresses.
(I'm pretty short, so they fall just above my ankle when I do. :D)

I got this black dress because of the neckline. They
had other pretty, spring colours but they neckline
was too plunging. I shy. :P

Basic tees. I'd have gotten colours, but again, I realised
I didn't have ANY white or black tops. My only concession
was the yellow cause I just get depressed if I don't
get any colour at all. :D

Basic spaghetti's.

Is this appropriate? But I figure, since I'm not
modeling it anyhow, there shouldn't be anything wrong.

I was thinking of getting a bag too, but I didn't see any that screamed to me enough that I wanted to risk bringing it into my very space-challenged bag closet. *sigh*

But all in all, a good week. :D


Unknown said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Bestnyaaaa!! I love those flats!! And those tube dresses!!! mana u beli those?? How much lah for one??? (umm, if u don't mind me asking)I like.. i really really likeee..

I mauuuuu!! Eeee... If i go KL u must bring me shopping ah!!!! LOL!

And the brassieres (as my nana used to call em) are appropriate to be posted! Don't worry! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoooooooooo!! Envy! Envy!

Ratu Syura said...

I like the tube dress! So bohemian! I have one like that too.. Just different color and pattern.. But nice bah kan, so comfy.. Now I'm looking for a long one. You know where to get yang murah and nice??

Rozella said...

Wah! Bestnya you shopping! Hehehe This is what you have been up to while MIAing here eh?

Did you check what your lucky underwear color is? Hahaha Hopefully either yellow or pink lah ho? I got to get me some yellow ones! Hehehe

Haizum said...

@Shemah: The dresses I bought in Times Square, but I forgot what the name was. It's the shop yang jual kimonos juga ni, I think on the 4th or 5th floor. When I bought them ada promo ni, 2 for Rm55. :D

@Carol: :P

@Syura: The paling murah I saw was the one where I bought la in Times Square ni. I pernah saw one at The Curve punya flea market, but it was RM80. :S Cantikla the fabric, but... so mahaaaal!!

@Rozie: I don't have lucky underwear! How does one go about finding out which ones are lucky?

Ratu Syura said...

So this kedai ni ada jual longer ones than the one you bought ni??? Bah, nanti la pelan2 cari... Kalau ada pun mahal bah slalu.. I must get a long one sampai sapu lantai! Hahaa..

Anonymous said...

ZOMG where did you get all those??! UWAAAA I wanna go shopping also tomorrow lah!! Uwaaaaa!!!

Haizum said...

@Syura: Yes! Ada 3 lengths for the long ones. Ankle length, floor length, and I'll-Sweep-The-Floor-Clean length. :D About 50 for each I think.

@Cindy: A few places in Bukit Bintang. Just put on your most comfy shopping outfit, and spend the whole day there!

Nessa said...

I feel like going on a shopping spree too :) BTW, those plastic looking flats, are they the in thing these days? Sia ni ketinggalan zaman suda la, I've no idea what's in nor out!

Haizum said...

@Nessa: I don't know whether they're in or not! *chuckles* I just like flats cause I walk around a lot. And they were the only ones yang all white and basic, with no embellishments whatsoever he he. Peduli la in or not, janji I like. :P