Friday, May 23, 2008


I am angry.

I know that I don't have total control over everything in my life. I know that, especially, when it comes to other people, I have to get over my "I have to rescue you" complex. As much as I want to make everybody happy, there are just some things that I can't help them with. And it makes me feel helpless.

*sigh* Not knowing what to do makes me feel useless. I know I shouldn't. I'll get over it after awhile, but at this moment, seeing things unravel the way they are, it sometimes makes me feel bad that I'm at a point in that I'm loving everything but there are those in my life going through crap. And this is the kind of crap that I believe they've invited.

Gah. I'm not making sense am I?

Even Brain doesn't know what it's doing either. *sigh*

Let's just say that I'm in a contradictory place right now. I'm happy. I want everybody to be happy. But some are just... not. And there isn't anything I can do about it.

This is just typical of my life. When nothing happens, absolutely NOTHING happens. When the good comes, the bad follows, envious of my attentions. Never mediocre, just the extreme. *sigh*

But let us not ruin this pretty morning. :D

I'm 10 days away from going home. :) How joyous.


Rozella said...

I understand how you feel 100%. It's hard not to feel anything and not let it affect you... but well, I guess we can't control everything. And yes, I agree with you :) Let's not ruin the pretty morning.

Anonymous said...

careful acom..some ppl dont want help coz' they're too stubborn to ask for it or simply 'think' they can take car of the situation...I have the same 'complexities' as you do..;]

Mas Light said...

Compy: life isn't owez pretty, there's up and down. I hope u're not feeling down coz u is coming back to me!!! *cough cough i mean to KK! XD i miss compy! *hug hug~! 10 more days!!! My calendar is already marked and I'm ready for the outings!!!! XD *runs around

Eudora said...

Yeah, we can't help it to feel this way sometimes. that's life i guess.

cheer up dear! 10 days to go and I'm sure you'll be that happy-go-lucky acom i know again!
cheers :)

Nick Phillips said...

A funny thing life. Sometimes it goes by without a hitch. And other times you just want to beat the hell out of it.

Whatever is bugging you, I do hope you can sort it out. But most of the time, life sorts itself out.

On the bright side, it's 10 days till you head home :D

Ratu Syura said...

Bebeh.. just breathe... and let it goo... You've got what we 'Asiaworks' people call 'superhero complex'.. Don't let whatever's bugging you bring you down. Rise above it and celebrate the anger, hurt, and pain that makes people stronger in life.. Yes, embrace it and say thank you!

So! Will we be partying together tmrw at Mel's birthday party? :D

Sir George said...

dont worry about it...what goes around comes around

Anonymous said...

Jan marah2 heehe. hope you're okay by now...