Thursday, May 22, 2008

The (Almost) 7 O'Clock Post

It's not even 7 in the morning yet, and I'm already up. Surprise! :D

I've been thinking about what to post, but it seems as if my brain's gone down to minimum function. I think the poor dear is a little shocked after that last paper. *pats Brain* So expect extremely pointless posts over the next few days.

I'm uber excited about going back home this time around. Why? Because I have Massy planning outings for me (I haven't asked her yet but... I figure I'd be putting on the spot this way, and she can't refuse me :P). And I'll be hooking up with friends that I haven't met in a long time. I suppose I shall call this the "Getting To Know You Again" trip.

I am a little worried that after I get through the initial questions (Oh, what are you doing now? Have you seen so and so lately? What're you gonna be doing in so and so time?) that there'd be a lack of other things to talk about. I AM a chatterbox, I wouldn't have trouble finding something to say, but finding something to say that would interest the other party might prove tricky. Maybe it's safer to keep quiet and puff on my shisha while everybody else does the talking, and I'll insert appropriate responses every once in awhile (Oh yeah. I agree. Really? Hmm.). Or maybe I should tell Massy to plan all outings at restaurants, so we can hide behind our dishes. :D

Whatever it is. I'm sure it'll be fun.

PS: Massy, I'm counting on you!


Mas Light said...


We dun want massy to get sick when compy is back now would we? XD

Rozella said...

I get really awkward during reunions... What do you say to people you haven't seen in ages? Me ndak good lah in situations like that. Hope it turns out fun tho! :)

Glad you're back!