Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guitar Gripe

At the risk of having my readers who are in the teaching profession curse me, I have to admit, I've skipped today's class. :D Right now, my classmates are probably trying very hard not to doze off listening to a certain Doctor's drone about databases and information systems. Gad. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I decided to sleep in or anything. In fact, I've been up since 8. I just felt lazy, and since IT doesn't interest me, I didn't have any motivation to go to class at all.

For regulars, you've probably noticed how frequent my layout and colors change. That usually coincides with my changing the color of the month. Last months was purple. I haven't decided on the current one, which explains the predominantly white look this time around. We'll see how it goes.

Anyhow, this post will be sort of a "Part II" of the previous post, a series of what I'd like to call my Guitar Gripes. :D

This actually just occurred to me last night, when I read through that post.

I haven't been playing the guitar much since the Godin-Death incident. I used to play everyday, just because. I play when I learn a new song, I play when I'm feeling crappy, I play when I'm bored. I just play. And it pisses me off that I let myself avoid playing, just because I keep comparing every guitar I touch with the Godin. In the past couple of years, I swear that I've only played the guitar less than 5 times. And 2 of those times because I wanted to learn a song for Massy and Daniel. (Which I have, but haven't recorded! I need to get strings :P)

These fingers have softened up. They're not as flexible on the strings. No more calluses (which I have to admit, I used to hate cause "ladies are supposed to have soft hands" bla bla).

But I can work on that. :D

I've decided to start playing again. I actually do have another guitar with me. The fact that it was given to me by one of the 3 idiots does NOT help,at all. I've resented the poor guitar, just because of the person who gave it to me. But beauty is beauty, regardless of where it comes from. So I'll appreciate it.

First order of business : Get strings!

Today (or tomorrow) - The guitar!

Tomorrow (or in a few years) - THE WORLD!


Rozella said...

I so have not notice that ur layout changes balik balik, but hehe nice nice. Very the zen girly girly. :P

Nessa said...

I like this layout and the leaves are so soothing, colorwise :) I think it's cool for a girl to play the guitar, I've tried it once, but my fingers couldn't handle the 'pressure'... haha. Susah la...

Mas Light said...

no worries compy..take ur rush..anyways stop watching's eating u up..omigosh! XD but IT is fun..why wouldn't u like IT T_T

D.Marcus said...

I'll pay good money to see/hear you play.