Monday, March 31, 2008

Movie Marathon Mania

Today, I prove to myself, again, that I am almost - if not entirely - too dependent on the internet. It's my source of entertainment, information, communication - you name it.

Early this morning, I was watching the movie 300 again, online (check out I was on the 3rd part when suddenly it gets to that point where the movie is running faster than it's loading. So I pause, and decide to check my email and bloghop while I wait for it to load more. And that's when it happened. Pages refused to load. I was logged off of all my instant messengers. But that's okay, I tell myself. I probably just need to reboot. So I do. And again for a second time. Then a third. I was getting frantic. To calm myself down, I took a shower, took breakfast, just to kill time. Then I tried again. Nothing. *sigh* I was borderline depressed. Fortunately, I'd just bought a few new books a couple of days before. :D It helped ease me a little, but not by much.

But, I don't function well when I'm depressed, so instead of moping in my room - which I am wont to do whenever something in my life goes wrong - I go to One Utama to watch a movie. A quick text to Massy asking her about the showtimes, and I was off (God bless you, Massy!).

And when I got there, I was so excited that I bought tickets for not one, but TWO movies! Hurrah! Movie marathon! I hadn't had one in so long, that it felt a little naughty. I don't know why, but it did. I felt all giggly and high. :D

First up was Gone Baby Gone, a crime thriller. Pretty good. About a kid who goes missing and these 2 private investigators who are commissioned to find her. They look around for a bit, ask questions, some people get beat up real bad (I was on a roll there, describing the events that I almost gave away the plot! *chuckle*). Not quite up to the level of The Bone Collector, but it was an okay movie. :) Pretty entertaining. Casey Affleck did a pretty good job holding the starring role. Michelle Monaghan was just there sitting pretty. Considering she was the other half of the investigator duo, she really didn't do anything much.

Second was 10000 BC. Now this one... *sigh*... I know, that people have been giving it bad reviews, but I wanted to watch it anyhow. The first thing I noticed about it was that the Yagahl spoke English with accent that I would say was somewhere in between Russian and Jamaican. And with the dreadlocks, I almost expected them saying "Respect, man", complete with the bad-boy head nod that they always do whenever they greeted each other. Of course they didn't. They tried to impart some jokes that didn't quite hit the mark as well. I'd say it's a so so movie. Not bad, if you went to watch it. But you wouldn't be missing anything much if you decided not to see it either. That is, if you hadn't already watched it, cause I realize that it's been out for quite a bit now. :D But you never know. The characters were pretty one-dimensional, so I don't really know what to say about the actors' skills. Except that in this movie, it was pretty one-dimensional. :D

Anyhow, I come back, enter my room and hold my breath as I turn my laptop on, waiting for it to do whatever it is that computers do when you turn them on. I click on my browser, and there it is! The home page! Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, that's a lot of movie! I haven't been to the cinema for a while now. Nor did I get to watch movies online. I spent most of my time watching tv series online instead. :P

Thanks for the link! Will check them out later. ;-)

Ratu Syura said...

I had my own little spoofs running in my head the whole time I was watching 10,000 BC. Haha...

Btw, ko tgh cuti ka?? Oh, and are you going back for the bloggers' gathering thingy??

Rozella said...

Ooo..I love movie marathons! Want to watch Gone Baby Gone too tapi aduh, the cinemas here are like so the 10000bc you know! Lambat! Hehe