Friday, March 28, 2008

27 Dresses

After the last post, I realized that I didn't know how many of my readers read (ha ha what a funny notion!). I meant books. Cause as far as I know, that post was the first I'd ever done as a book review. (Well, it wasn't a review really... more of... I don't know.) And I thought to myself, considering the amount of books I read, why don't I do more?

I suppose cause I wasn't really sure if people wanted to know what I thought of thing. But then again, would there be a difference between telling people what I think about a book, and what I did the past week (which usually amounts to nothing, anyhow)? So I decided, why not. :) Problem is, God's Debris was the last one I read. 0_O And since my wallet hasn't fattened yet, I'll probably have to wait a couple of more days before I do another book review. :)

So today, I will instead talk abut a movie. (Yay! Acom went to the movies, finally!)

A couple of weeks ago, a friend suggested that a bunch of us go on a girly-night-movie-thingamajiggy, and we all settled on a time and date. Which was last night, March 27th. The movie? 27 Dresses.

Talk about estrogen overload.

It was one of those movies that obviously comes from a chick-flick template, where they just took another script changed some of the characters' names, the locations and whatnot. Now I'm all for chick-flicks, in fact I relish in some of them, but 27 Dresses, sad to say, is excluded.

Though Katherine Heigl was gorgeous in the movie (as she ever is), I felt so bad for her character since everyone was stepping on her, left and right. She was the classic Hollywood nice girl, never saying no, always agreeing to what people asked her to do, and of course neglects her own needs yada yada yada.

Pair that with some of the corniest movie lines ever, I'd say 27 Dresses was a disappointment.

But girls, there might be a few reasons for you to like it. The first of course, would be the delicious James Marsden. *pauses for awhile for the much needed drooling moment* And then the fact that the movie is a moving catalog for the prettiest outfits you've ever seen (apart from the actual bridesmaids' dresses of course).

And yeah, I'll admit, there were a few funny bits thrown in here and there. Though the funniest wasn't from the movie. We all burst out laughing when a friend of mine suddenly blurted out "Ih, bidak oh her eyebrows!". You had to be there.

And for the guys.... I couldn't find a single reason why you wouldn't want to slit your wrists after (or even during, actually) the movie. Except maybe for Katherine Heigl. But trust me, if I was aggravated after watching the movie, you'd probably want to do more than slit your throat. Maybe jump into a giant blender while it's turned on.

So yeah. If you're still curious, and you want to know how the story goes (I tell you, it came from a template! Absolutely predictable!), I suggest you watch it online somewhere. Just google movie streaming. :)


Mas Light said...

Yeap..I so totally hate it when she had to be the nice person for everyone when everyone stepping her >.<

Nick Phillips said...

Ah, thanks for the tip. At least now I won't have to slit my throat or anything ... LOL!

Nessa said...

I'd definitely watch this, I love Katherine Heigl! :)

Many times I find myself watching silly movies and yet I'm glued to them, one example is 'Music & Lyrics'... so corny but I watched it anyway... haha