Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I don't even know how to start this post without sounding humdrum. But I'll just start anyway.

My whole body aches.

Yes, that is something that I came back with from our overnight holiday cum leadership camp trip to Melaka. =D

It started easy enough, with a 2 hour bus ride from the university. 26 sleepy students in a bus. Of course, most of them would take advantage of the ride to catch up on some badly needed Zs. Bad move. Why? Cause I was in that bus. With my camera. =D

So here, we see some shots of our sleeping beauties. I actually caught more than 10 sleeping, but I didn't think you'd be entertained looking at pictures of sleeping strangers.

After awhile, even I got bored of taking pictures of them, and I proceeded to take pictures of myself instead. I was sleepy, but being one who's done it before, I didn't want anyone to take a picture of me sleeping *chuckles*. So, I had to do SOMETHING to keep myself awake. Donuts, friends and a camera are useful when this situation occurs.

Anyhow, we finally got to our destination, Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest in Melaka. First on the agenda was a training session, serious stuff. It was so serious that I forgot to take pictures. *grumble*

Next was the fun part. =D We went abseiling! Or rappelling. I was so excited! I wanted to be the first to go down. But as it was, I had to wait til everybody had gone, cause I had to stay at the top of the tower to take pictures of every one of them as they went down. That was an order. *sigh* It was okay though, cause by the time it was my turn, I'd heard the instructions 20 odd times already, and I thought I knew what to do. =D And I did! It was an amazing feeling! I suggest you people try it. I heard that there's a place that you can do it somewhere in Bukit Jalil here in KL, a 60 feet wall. The one is Melaka is 30 feet. I want to go! It should be twice as fun! =D Anybody up for it?

Okay, we were having lunch and this creature bit me.
I didn't want it to die not having its 15 minutes of fame,
so here you go, Mrs. Mosquito.

The Wall.

After that was done, with adrenaline still rushing through everybody's veins, we wanted to take a group shot, with the wall behind us. That's when tragedy struck. My camera jammed. Of course, I didn't let it show. That would just look bad, since I looked so cool scaling down that wall. So, I took out my trusted phone and sent a message to my good friend, Massy, to ask for help. She suggested that I take it in for servicing, and we both hoped that the lens was covered in the warranty. *bites lip*

On the bus again, everybody was getting hungry, cause it was already dinner time. After a short drive, we got to our guesthouse. It was a cozy little place, just 5 minutes walk from Jonker Street and Hang Tuah Mall. We didn't spend a lot of time there, cause we only had awhile to settle down before trotting to Jonker Street. Shopping! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of us there cause my camera was out of commission. *pouts*

The next day, we grudgingly woke up after having literally only 2 hours of sleep. The agenda for today was another training session and more shopping. =D And what a surprise I had when I picked up my camera, inserted newly charged batteries and found that it worked! Apparently, I had seriously used up all the juice in my batteries AND my spare. I felt like a boob. But no matter, after saying our goodbyes to our very friendly host, we went off on our way.

"Honesty" training session. I got a lil teary eyed here.
(Okay, I'm not being honest. I bawled my eyes out.)

Everybody, meet everybody else.

Basically, we just went around Melaka town, snapping pictures, acting like total idiots because we didn't know anybody in Melaka and we weren't staying there long enough to get to know anybody. In effect, we were idiots cause we could afford to be. =D It's a very liberating feeling, let me tell you.

Just a little experiment.

I'm never short of willing models.

What do you mean? Of COURSE I had to pose!

A MUST try. Durian Cendol! *drool*

Speaking of which, I was planning on doing the tourist thing when I go back to KK in December. Technically, I am no longer "KK people", but I still know people there, which means I can't opt to be the "idiot tourist". What a waste.

So, things to bring on a trip, according to Me : camera, extra batteries, munchies and a sense of humor. Actually, these are what you need, generally, day in day out. Else, life would be so dull.


Mas Light said...

eh..ur last sentence inda pinish ka?

wuah slow shutter ka...that hair effect thnggie...kewl oh XD

wow punya ramai urang XD

lucky nothing happen to ur camera...kepenatan kali tu XD

Ratu Syura said...

Oooooh! Fun!! I love leadership camps!! But I'm not that fond of the bawling session! Liberating, yes! But ugly swollen eyes, no!

Eudora said...

wOw! that trip loOks sOo much fun!
I simply lOve Malacca for its historical. =)

Aaaahhhh....bikin kempunan jak tue durian cendol bah! Eeeee...I know dat packaging...I've tried that before toO....Yummyyyy! I MISSS DAT! Huhuhu =(

Zainijimmy said...

yay..bestnya .. last time sa pi melaka x sempat bergumbira :P

Sir George said...

bestnya..Melaka.. wish to go there someday

Haizum said...

Massy: he he, yeah, I didn't notice that. Thanks for the heads up. And shutter speed was 1/640 for that shot. It should have been faster, cause I noticed some parts of her hair is a little blur. 0_o

Syura: I know what you mean! But it cleaned my eyes! =D

Eudora: It was a lot of fun! And I want that cendol agaaain!!

Zaini: Rugiiii!! Paling kurang you have to try the cendoool!

SirGeorge: Go go! You don't need a lot of money to go there! =D

Mas Light said...

*giggle..aight thanks..i need to find meself a guinea pig XD

Anonymous said...

Wah wah wah.. best kamurang sana! Love the photos!!! :D

Unknown said...

wuah wuah.. bestnya!! and gorgeous photos.. as always!!