Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Studying on a Study Break?

Let's be honest.

No one actually studies during a study break, no matter how long a break you're given. In fact, the longer your vacation is, chances are, you're less likely to study.

So you mope around the house, complaining to anybody and everybody that will listen, about how you have absolutely nothing to do. Junk food and the internet become your best friend, and you're inseparable. What a life.

Of course, we all know, when I say "you", I really mean "I" and "me".

Is it some sort of unwritten rule? An ancient scholarly law that says "When you are a student: you will NOT feel the need to study; you WILL procrastinate; and you WILL lose sleep trying to cram a semester's worth of notes into your brain within the span on one night". That must be so. Otherwise, I can't explain why it is, when I've already told myself, again and again, I'll do things differently this time around, I never do. *dejected sigh*

Sure, sure. I guess the only "right" explanation is that I have to dig deep inside myself, find that little compartment labeled "Will Power", switch it on, and I'll be out of this predicament. But seriously, have you ever tried to dig deep, anywhere? It hurts. And my pain threshold is pathetically low.

Somehow I shall have to learn how to use the proverbial shovel. And dig. I'm sure whatever I need is in there somewhere.

But then, it begs the question.

Where do I start to look?


Mas Light said...

ahhh it's so true...when it's a holiday..xda la mo study tu..

actually when i studied in KL, rarely study. more movies and internet and computer games..stay up late O.O gila punya kerja..

i regret now..but i enjoyed nyahahah XD sot

Ratu Syura said...

Gosh, when it comes to "cramming a semester's worth of notes into your brain within the span on one night", I'm an expert! LOL! I can totally relate to this post!

Zainijimmy said...

he he he .. poor students :P .. tht wat it takes mah :P

SR215 said...

I used to bring plenty of books and revisions back home during semester break, or during weekend, with an intention to read, learn and whatever you call it.

Until today I felt stupid for letting the books unattended in the bag during the holiday. hahahahhaha

Anonymous said...

Procrastination. It's EVURL!

Haizum said...

@Massy: Yeah, I've been sleeping on average at 4am these days. -_-

@Syura: *laughs* Isn't it a wonder our brains don't explode?

@Zaini: I know. -_- But trying to do the right thing is so hard!

@Saiful: *laughs* That's what I did during Raya! I brought a few books to "read through" during my free time. I forgot they were even there!

@Gallivanter: I knooow~~~