Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dear Santa


Exams do screw with my sleep schedule.

For a person who's been labeled a "voracious reader", I find myself battling sleep whenever I pick up my class notes or text books. It's a difficult position for someone like me, who so loves words. This is the only situation when I can say that reading *cringe* sucks. And that's not an easy admission for a bookworm to make. *sigh*

I wonder if Santa reads letters of those who don't celebrate Christmas, per se. But just in case he does:

Dear Santa,

If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion. What if textbooks were made in the format of novels? It might endear scholars as being more imaginative. :D

Yours truly,

If any of your blogs happen to be frequented by the jolly fellow, please do the following.

Step 1
Highlight the Dear Santa letter above.

Step 2
Press Ctrl+C.

Step 3
Publish in your blog.

I give you leave to post the letter as your own. It doesn't matter who the letter is from, I'm sure it'll benefit us all. :D


Eudora said...

Heehee...Can I do that for all of us? I mean copy that to my blog so that Santa will see. Well, just in case if he do dropped by. I'm sure Santa will consider it. Haha =pp

You have a nice day Zum!
*Cheers* ;)

SheLa La La said...

i will copy that hoping santa will drop by to my blog.
hahaha cheers'
*by the way i finish my bloody exam next clubbing!!!
as k...palan2 gia!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps shall ask help from genie, Aladdin :P

Nick Phillips said...

I'll be sure to let Santa know about your request when I see the fat jolly guy ... LOL!

Ratu Syura said...

Santa's a publisher now too? Cool!! I hope he gets this letter. If you're lucky, maybe he reads blogs too.. Who knows...

Mas Light said... would be mine.

Dear Santa,
Could I get a DSLR camera with macro lens on Christmas *cute innocent shiney eyes.

Yours truly,

XD kekekekekekeke

Unsugarcoated Reviews said...

yeah i like reading fiction but textbooks bore me too...

try reading Gary Jennings' Aztec...after reading that book, I really thought that history should be presented to students that way (as a novel) because the topic was something unfamiliar to me, the book had 1000+ pages but I had no problem reading it, and I still remember the events up to now...whereas I've forgotten everything I've read in the history textbooks...