Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Hunting We Will Go

I'm too lazy to blog. *sigh*

I have tummy cramps.

So, I'll make this short. Here are some of the pictures I took on our photo hunt yesterday.

We started over at the old KTM station. Had a few snaps.

Here we see a budding interest in Eve for photography. =) Welcome to the circle, Eve.

As we trudged on, some of us noticed that the sky was getting darker (while some of us were just concentrating too much on taking photographs) and before we knew it, it had started raining. So we took shelter behind the old KTM station itself.

Again, we see Eve fiddling around with her camera. I did take a few snapshots of the surrounding area while waiting for the rain to stop.

As soon as the rain had abated, we continued on. Along the way, I got a few interesting shots.

I'd always wanted to photograph water droplets, and as it was raining I got a lot of opportunities to experiment. As you can imagine, there was water everywhere! That's Tess there, that you can see through the opening. She was armed with a Nikon D70 (*droooool*). She let me play with it towards the end of our hunt. I. WANT. ONE.

Again, we walked and walked and walked, all the while snapping pictures. At this point we were on our way to Taman Tasik Perdana.

By the time we got to there though, we decided to go to Tugu Negara instead. Don't ask me why.

*laughs* I do not know why these people decided on this "We-Are-Non-Smiling-Tourists", but there you go.

These are some of the sculptures from ASEAN countries that were scattered around the grounds. I hated walking towards them, cause I was only wearing flip flops, and since it was raining the soil was all squishy.

And while we were there, I suddenly had a "Sepet/Gubra/Mohsin" moment and decided to take this picture of Eve.

After a lot of group pictures (these were on Bede's camera. I didn't take any with mine cause *sob* my zoom isn't powerful enough...), we decided to go to the Tugu Negara. But when we got there, they'd already locked the gates. *sob* And again I say, with my measly 4X optical zoom, I didn't bother trying to take a photo of it from the outside. I did, though, take a picture of Bede taking a picture of it. =D

It was getting late...

... so we moved on to find a place to eat. It was almost buka puasa!

(At this point, we were all eating and chatting.)

We took a few more pictures as we were walking along Dataran Merdeka. This is always a nice place to take pictures.

Do you see how wide the zebra crossing is? Cool eh. =D

I took a whole lot of pictures after Dataran Merdeka, but I wasn't using my camera. I was using the D70. *drool and double drool* Man, that is one sweet camera. I am sorely tempted to get one of my own. Not a D70 specifically, but a DLSR. (Anybody know a place where I can get good second-hand deals?) Anyhow, I haven't gotten the pictures from Tess yet, but once I do, I'll be sure to post them.

After a looooong goodbye with the rest of the gang, we headed back to our own place. Again, I stress that a photo session, no matter how serious, is never meaningful without a few vanity snapshots. So, Nette, as always, is happy to oblige.

Here, Nette and I demonstrate our ever-default pose, the Kawaii Number 2.

Yes well, no matter how tired we are, we'll always look good.

Again, I ask, does anybody know where I can get good second hand deals? And maybe one of these days, when I'm courageous enough, I'll borrow my brother's SLR (I haven't checked what the model is... I know it's a Canon though. Sweet~) and try to snap photographs on film. *shivers with excitement*


Anonymous said...

Ooo fun! fun! fun! with photography.

Seems like everyone's a photographer now ~ maybe I should get a DSLR for myself too and join the hype! :D

Haizum said...

Cindy: Yes you should! Come come!

Mas Light said...

wooh! omg~ yerrrrrrr i want DSLR oso... nikon D40x *cough cough O.O rambang mata..

Sir George said...

Wow!!.Pro Photographer ya.. I guess,,Nikon is the brand to get for mature photography

Haizum said...

Massy : Yeaaaahhh!! Mariiii~~~

Sir George : No no, not pro *sob*. and yes, I want a Nikon. *SOB*

Ratu Syura said...

Nicee picss... seems like everyone's getting a DSLR.. I dunno bila la I wanna upgrade from my SLR nii.. But I feel bad for the SLR, nanti mesti dia diketepikan and start collecting dust once I get a new camera kan?? Kesian diaa... But mahal bah wanna buy film and cuci all the time.. *sigh*

Kamu semua go get your DSLR first then lemme know how it goes kay... Hehe...

SheLa La La said...

nice shot babe!!
send my regards to kakak net,dede and eve...
take care u...

Anonymous said...

Lawa ko ambil gambar! :)

hwen said...

Second-hand DSLRs? Haha, you can try to get them from YL Camera, Pudu Plaza (I got my Nikon FM2 and 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 there). They have lots of used (and new) cameras and lenses there for sale.

Alternatively, you can check photography forums online for information. Maybe you can try,, If the any of the links fail to load, you can always google for it, hehe.

And even though film is 'mahal' cos' you need to process it, and then either develop or scan it jpeg file to see the colours, it's worth it.

Erm, you don't have to go Nikon just because its 'the brand to get for mature photography', haha... =) There are many other brands that you can go for, but for extensive range of lenses and camera bodies, the popular 2 still reign for 35mm photography...

No offence to anyone... =)

Unknown said...

ooOOOoo.. I love the pics!! I can't take a good pic even if my life depended on it.. Notice the absence of self pics in my blog??? ya.. that's why. I depend on Syura for good pics. LOL!