Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eid Stay Away From It If I Were You (Get It?)

Okay folks.

I have one warning to give.

There is something out there that will take you from your sleep at nights, leave you groggy in the morning. It makes you think of nothing else but seeing it through.

Big Kahuna Reef.

Yes. With over 100 levels, and each level as immersing as another... *sigh*. It makes you lose sleep. Trust me.

What more, it screws up your sleep time. I haven't been playing the damned thing for a week, but I still can't adjust. I was playing it for 3 days straight, not sleeping, and now my sleep time is haphazard.

I'm telling you people. Stay away from it.

On another note, I've got another 2 weeks and a half before I fly off to Sandakan. What a lovely prospect. I haven't been back in about 10 months now. *sigh* I know, I know. What's 10 months compared to those of you who haven't been in years. So I'm a big baby. Big deal! I like home! *chuckle*

And since I've been away so long, I'm betting I'll get royal treatment *shivers in anticipation*. My favourite food always on the table. But after awhile, I'm guessing I'll be acting as chauffeur. But no matter.

Oh, and of course karaoke and stupid fun with my siblings. =D That's always a winner.

But you know how its always nice and peachy the first few days you're back? Then I think the strain of having everybody under the same roof kicks in. Everybody is not as nice anymore. *chuckle* The novelty has worn off. That isn't to say that you love each other any less. Just needs a little getting used to.

And I am a little sad at the prospect of having to do my Eid shopping alone this year. There'd usually be one or 2 of my siblings down here in KL, and we'd all trudge along to the city to get whatever it was my Ummi wants. Maybe little trinkets for people back home. *sigh* It's always fun. It's sucks having to do it alone. I'm too used to being around them. I WANNA GO HOME! *SOB*

I remember, we'd always get serunding (dried meat that's torn into stringy strips [Gee.. how articulate of me...]), and we all loved it so much that half of it would be gone by the time Eid was here. My Ummi was so desperate that she actually resorted to HIDING it. Til today, from the moment we land in Sandakan (she'd usually tell us to buy it from here in KL, and bring it with us back home), she'd whisk away the serunding, and we'd only see it again on the first day of Eid. My Ummi. Wonderwoman.

What do you people anticipate with the coming of Eid?


Ratu Syura said...

Big Kahuna Reef, huh? Okay, AFTER EXAMS! Mati aku ndak study macam ni! LOL!

I'm goin back to KK on the 7th!! I haven't been back in 5 months and already I'm acting so cranky and childish! Yeah, we're all babies! :P

Raya stopped being fun since.. a long time ago... Nothing to anticipate except picture time!! hehehe...

JPP Papa said...

big kahuna reef is a game right... i saw it somewhere in my laptop.. but can't remember which one.

and what is Eid??? :D
sorry bit out of this world

Sir George said...

Wooo.. Big Kahuna Reef!! hmmm Interesting. haha..
The pics in my blog fixed now.. sorry for the errors.

Haizum said...

Syura: Oh noo!!! It should always be fun!!

PapaJoneh: Ya it's a game! And Eid is Raya!

SirGeorge: Okeh! akan ku visit!

Anonymous said...

Hey acom. miss you. sayang nda dapat jumpa u waktu raya kan :(

Unknown said...

Hey! you haven't been back in 10 months?? I don't know how you could manage!

I don't know about the rest of the family but I'll be spending raya in kk.. menunggu hari.. so i won't be able to go on a flight to sdk..

Hubby is working on raya too this year!! *sob!!*

So what do I anticipate?? Being lonely with possible contractions! :(