Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yeah Yeah Whatever

(Warning: Graphic post ahead. Not recommended for those with weak stomach or those who are planning to eat anything soupy...)


SOMETHING is going on.

I mean what are the chances of getting food poisoning 1 week, then get sore throat/fever/flu the next?

Let me just list out what has happened the past couple of weeks.

I lost my phone. (Okay, my fault for being careless, but for the sake of drama, please let me get on with it.)

I was charged by an over-friendly dog. The fact that I'm terrified of dogs really doesn't help.

I fell on my butt in public.


I haven't been able to have SOLID food. It's crackers dipped in tea, and soft bun. Man.

I sure hope the proverbial silver lining is waiting for me behind all this crap (pun intended).

So now here I am, in my jacket and hoodie pulled over my head. And get this. The fan isn't turned on.

I have a cotton pad stuck up my nose, to prevent various liquids from running down my nostril to places it shouldn't be running to.

I also have to put up with the inconvenience of it being "that time of the month".

Oh well.



Anonymous said...

Aww.. get well soon. Sucks to be sick, but good also lah (for me). Can lose a bit weight. LOL!

Take lots of warm stuff, like porridge. :)

Mas Light said...


get lotsa rest...and eat ur medicine..aiyer...a series of *cough..hope things will get better XD

Shana said... and dont forget ur medicine ya.

Unknown said...

hi there haizum!

It sucks, i know. If it makes you feel any better.. I'm not too good as well. Ada kawan..

At least you can take ubat.. being pregnant, I just have to take my vitamin Cs only. And worse, my son pun terjangkit.. so both of us got tissues stuck up our nose. Hilarious.

Anyways, hope you feel better soon! Take care..

SheLa La La said...

yeah...yeah FOOD POISONING is sucks!
i got it while my holiday with my dad and its ruining everything!!
u know i've been injected!! at my butt of course...and its pain.

anyway...hope you ok already. i hate the vomit part..gosh terrible!!

take care ya..

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