Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bedroom Musicians Series - Part II

Alright, I promised pictures.

But I'm afraid I was too busy enjoying the performance to actually take pictures. :S

As it happens, Dede's boyfriend took most of the pictures. I only have a couple in my camera.

So here they are.

I hadn't seen Mia in a couple of years. So it was good
for a bunch of us to get together again. :)

Can you believe it? They left me inside
and cam whored! Argh! With Reza Salleh
no less! You girls owe me!

Yeah, so there you are. Hoping to go to Friday's Kl Sing Song. Can cam whore even more. :P


Ratu Syura said...

Hey you changed your layout! I like the font better this way.. It's not so 'in your face'.. :D

Mas Light said...

*conpius kijap...oh i got the rite blog..never click all comments at once hahahah XD

uhhhh new layout..*cough..wut's the size of ur banner? coz my view macam terexpand. izzit 1024 wide ka? try 960 pixel

Anonymous said...

Woohoo.. happening! :D

Deanna Beryl said...

One thing in common: CHOIR GIRLS! :) Thanks so much for the myspace urls for the bedroom musicians. Loving the music! It shows that there's hope for the Malaysian Music Industry!

Eudora said...

this was the picture you were talking about in my Fs testi right? Dede & Iam are sOo lucky..Wished it was ME beside him tho'...feel free to view my blog ;)

Haizum said...

Syura: Thanks. :) I thought so too. I need SOME form of normality in my life.

Mas: *sigh* Aku pun nda tau la Maaas! Cuba ajar aku dlu kunuuuun!

Cin: But I didn't take a picture with Reza Salleh! *sob*

Deanna: Yes! There is! Newfound hope! *chuckles*

Eudora: Yeah, this is it. Dede had A FEW taken with him. The cam whore. *grumble grumble*