Thursday, June 21, 2007

Games Galore


When it rains, it pours.

So exams are over. Holidays are here. What happened to all my plans? Awry I tell you, awry!!

Firstly, Dede upped and got herself a job! Congratulations to her. But that leaves me home alone during the day. :S And when she gets back home from work, she's all tired. No time to play anymore. *sigh*

Secondly, I'm broke. Apart from money for food, I have none left on the side for entertainment. What a bummer. I mean, what's a holiday without entertainment? So now I have to rely on my trustee laptop, my sucky internet connection, and train my (mouse) clicker finger.

Feeding Frenzy : check.
Super Collapse III : check.
Twistingo : check.
Saints & Sinners Bowling : check.

Yeah. :/

Luckily, Dede brought her cat, Lihing, over from Cyberjaya, so at least I don't go crazy.

At least, I have Lihing to talk to. :P

Because I'm broke, my plans of having a movie marathon was busted. *sigh* I have about a week more to go before my allowance comes in again *crossing my finger*. We shall see then. :D

I was browsing everybody's blogs the other day, all revved up to comment, only to find the previous problem of being unable to load the comment pages back again. What the heck man? The connection has been seriously slow the past few days and it's driving me crazy. I NEED the superfast connection our dear Streamyx provider has been boasting about. PLEASE!

So... with all that off my chest, I shall now fall into slumber.



Mas Light said...

woo nice new layout..but my view ter-expand sikit..* worries..i talk to cats too XD it's super fun! XD

yes the connection been super slow lately..argh! so frustrating

Ratu Syura said...

Hey, you're back~! Holidays, huh? Bestnyaa.. Holidays really suck when your wallet's dry though~! At least you'll have tonnes of time to blog.. That doesn't sound too exciting even when I say it.. LOL~!

Btw, I like the new layout~! ;D

Anonymous said...

Eh, you changed the look in your blog again. Oh.. back to "normal" font again. Easier to read! :D

Looking very nice in here, Acom. I assume that's you on the header? :P

Haizum said...

Mas: Thanks. Is it expanded too much though?

Syura: Yeah man. DRY DRY DRY! ARGH!

Cindy: Thank Cin. I think it was easy for me to read the previous font cause my handwriting is like that *chuckle*. And yes, that is me and my posterior. :P