Monday, May 14, 2007

What The Heck?

Okay. This isn't good.

I'm thinking it's my connection that has a problem, cause again, the problem with the comments is here again.

It's so frustrating to be reading a post and wanting to comment but not being able to! And people are probably thinking I'm not visiting their blog! I am, I am! This picture is testament to that!

Always with you. :D


I'm not sure what to do about it.

That aside, I have a friend who's just finished her studies and will be going back to Sabah in about a week's time. So, of course, that gave us an excuse to go out and window shop. :D

Our choice destination this time around was the Bukit Bintang area. It was the usual talk-walk-eat-eat-eat agenda. Most of my shots were of cam whoring sessions, but I did get a couple that I thought was worth sharing here.

We walked over to Low Yat Plaza to get some gadgets and found ourselves in need of a place to sit and rest. So we decided to do so in Lemon Food Court (Or Cood Fourt according to Dede *chuckles*). And sitting there, we saw that they had really bold colours on their walls. Let me show you.

They had a couple of those windows on each wall. I thought it was pretty. I also thought of theft. But alas, I was without my usual big bags. I had a small one. *sigh* I think they'd have noticed if I suddenly ripped one of these of the walls and walked out, no matter how casually I acted.

This next one was another one of my shutter speed experiments. I realise that to get the distinction between the blur of the moving object and sharpness of the rest you need a tripod or a stand but this wasn't a planned shot. Maybe one day day when I go REAL photo hunting. :)

And I really am sorry about not posting any comments on any of my regular Blogger friends' pages. *sob*

Well, I need to be getting ready for class. I'm hoping this time around I won't be near-roasted while getting there. :D


Salha said...

HAHAHAHA (evil laugh)

Mas Light said...

astagaaaaaaaaaaa retype

anyways, as i was saying, the walls omg red..

i love the window shot!!! XD

Ratu Syura said...

i usually have a problem with the page loading but what usually helps for me is clicking it twice (or more).. the page usually doesn't load the first time.. i have no idea why! and i copy my comments before i publish so i don't hafta retype! =D if it needs a second go, i'll just paste my previous comment~! hehe..

owhh! i have the same kinda window thingy at home! i don't think i can invite u to my house then.. nanti kena curi! hahah..

p/s: don't forget to use sunblock! a must!

hwen said...

Hey Haizum!

Don't worry lah! At least you can still blog, haha!

Cis! I'm jealous! You can change your shutter speed while I can't *blinks green* *laughs* But your pictures are real good. Love the red wall and the window/mirror shot the MOST. You rock, babe!

Cheers, Hui Wen

Anonymous said...

ACOMMMM.. WHere R U......

Haizum said...

Uncommonly U: *sticks out tongue*

Mas: Thank you~ :D

Syura: I do~ Again and again. And again.

Hui Wen: *nod* My camera has full manual settings. Can experiment a lot. :D

Paya: Mau study bah bebeh. *sob*