Thursday, April 19, 2007


2 days ago, I had fever.

Yesterday, just as I got on the bus, the sky decided to "LET 'ER RIP!" (READ: Rain VERY heavily). Snapped a few pictures from my lonely corner in the bus.

Some apartments in Sunway.

Hi ho hi ho, it's off to college we go.

So as I got off the bus, of course the wind had already picked up. Having my trustee umbrella with me didn't matter. I was soaked. Not only was I recovering from being ill, my pants were wet, and I had to take notes during the meeting. In an air-conditioned room.

Taking those pictures made me think. (Yes, I do, on occasion =D)

The object you're seeing doesn't matter. What does is what you see it through.

To some, spiders are fascinating creatures. Beautiful.

To others, they are a source of nightmares. Frightening.

Even rain itself, poses a dichotomy. Some see it as a blessing. Some see it as a nuisance.

So do we have a choice, in which side of the coin we see?

It's our brain. I'm sure we have a dial somewhere to adjust the level of distortion we want.

Think of it this way. One day when you're craving for ice cream, you get it. And just as you're about to bite into that scrumptious cone, you lose your grip and it plops onto the floor. You can choose to rant and rave about having wasted your 5 odd bucks. Or you can choose to think that, if you HAD eaten those 2 scoops of Peanut Butter & Chocolate from Baskin Robbins, you'd put on weight, have a gazillion pimples popping out, and be miserable.

So, take it all in perspective. =D

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Mas Light said...

wuah..acom feeling better liao?

wuah heavy rain! here not so heavy but it balik lagi dengan kepanasan maxima *cough