Friday, March 02, 2007


I finally got hold of the pictures of our trip to Johor! Here they are!

I had 2 cameras to take them with. One was an Olympus FE.. something, I forgot the model *chuckles*. Another was a Sony. The Sony ones turned out better than the Olympus. But what the heck. =D I had fun taking pictures of the kids.

This was what the sky looked like when we got to the school that we were donating to. Let me tell you, knowing that this place was flooded to the ceiling just weeks before, and realising the sky was as dark as it was... It wasn't funny. Thankfully, it rained only a little.

While the headmaster showed us around the school, I saw this kid happily prancing around the hallways of the school. He looked so cheerful, and he was even singing a little tune! *chuckles* Bless him.

5 minutes into chatting with some people from the Johor Kiwanis group, kids started pouring out. Recess time! I have to confess, I have a soft spot for kids. I'm crazy about them! Seeing them scampering around the area got me in to a frenzy! I SO wanted to *snap snap snap* but it wasn't my camera! So the pictures were limited! Argh!

This was one of the first kids to rush to the canteen. She was so tiny! I forgot that they came in those sizes! *laughs*

These boys saw the camera in my hand and sportingly posed for me! I am proud to say that I captured their joy in this shot. I love it! Especially the expression on that boy on the extreme right. I mean, imagine, when weeks before, how they must have felt to wake up, seeing their home submerged in water. And the simple act of just taking their pictures was enough to bring big smiles to their faces! I'm telling you, a camera is one of the easiest ways to make a person happy. (I know when I finally get one, it'll put a grin on my face!)

I'm serious! I mean, look at all these happy faces!

If you look really hard, you can see part of my head (look for ORANGE) behind the guy in the cowboy hat. We were REALLY having fun with all these kids. (I didn't take this picture, but it just oozed happiness that I had to share it!)

But even with all the joy going around, I spotted this little girl on the landing of a stairwell. She looked so sad. I wonder what she was thinking about...

This here is a girl, that is so sweet, you wouldn't believe it! She is so soft spoken. She's only 10 years old. She tagged along with us (she'd finished her classes and was waiting for her little sister to finish) and I hugged her as we left the school.

I was sorta sad to leave, cause we were having so much fun. The fact that the kids were all so happy that we were there was... I don't know... really touching. It goes to show, what a little kindness can do.

So lend a helping hand. Anytime. Anywhere. Even if it's to just pick up something someone beside you has dropped. Smile. It makes the world go round.


Zainijimmy said...

so good to c ur blog finally got its pic hehe...

nice pic...the lil girl behind bars caught my attention ehhehe

Mas Light said...


so cute~

XD i like the shot yang the kid senyum berabis ni...

ooooooooooo..astaga, ur head, sikitnya tu...barely can see oh..astaga~~~~~

woo~ like so much fun~

hwen said...

Hey Haizum!

Same here! The kid behind the bar, and the whole sea of kids pictures caught my attention the most. Kids are really cute and fun, but they are such nuisance when they're in the extremely mischievous and misbehave mode.. *sighs* Oh well, I was a kid too...

Cheers, Hui Wen

P.S. Lovely pictures! Credits to you!

Haizum said...

Zaini: Hehehe, akhirnyaaa!! Tapi, camera blum dapat lagi. Hae to wait a couple more weeks I think. That shot is my favourite, but it didn't turn out so well. *sigh*

Mas: Yeah, they were following me AROUND I tell you! I felt like such a celebrity! "Kakak, kakak, saya nak gambaaar!" *chuckles* And yeah, about that picture of me (or not actually hehe), that guy is REALLY tall and I'm REALLY short. I was lucky he was a little bent over, if not, then you wouldn't see any of me at all!

Hui Wen: Thanks~ I love taking pictures of kids cause you never know what they're gonna do next! *chuckles* And it just amazed me how simple it is to make them smile. Sincerely. No fake veneer for the little ones. =)

Salha said...

took my niece to the movies last weekend. does that counts as giving a helping hand?

SheLa La La said...

love your pictures,....talented!