Wednesday, February 28, 2007


We didn't get the house.

Yesterday morning we told the landlord we were gonna pay the deposit.

Looks like someone else already did. A few hours before we confirmed.


I'm homeless.


My very beautiful bubble has been burst. My heart broken.





I am so depressed that I don't feel like blogging much today.

I so need shisha right now.


Mas Light said...

omg, astaga, that sucks! *hugs com..anyways, i hope u get a better one soon XD gewd luck and hope u feel better :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys didn't confirm with the landlord you wanted that house? Or was it based on first come first serve? :(

Hey, good thing is.. there might be better house out there waiting for you. ;)

Enjoy a shisha. It'll take the sadness out of you. :P

SheLa La La said...

ohh that bad!!! *hugs* hopefully u get better one sooner.soon (cross my finger) hehe take care and gud luck

Haizum said...

Mas: Yeah. Thanks. *sigh*

Cindy: I said to him "Give me two days". I told him THE VERY NEXT DAY after we saw it, and someone already paid a few hours before we confirmed. *sigh* I really do need that shisha.

Sheela: *hugs* Thanks babe.

ArtisteInReflection said...


landlord? Hmmph! MALE! i knew it! LIARS! :S

he he

so mean! someone should sic the ghostrider on him! heh!

Youre..... GUILTY!

but anyway, like CIindy says, im sure u'll get a BETTER HOUSE!


Zainijimmy said...

damn..hehe...tiapa..cari lain la