Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Green With Jealousy

Yes I am.

I've been visiting people's blogs and seeing pretty pictures all around. I have no camera dammit! I should've waited a little longer to sell my camera. But that's okay. I shall just pretend that I still DO have my camera, and pretend that these pictures were recently taken. *chuckles*

I think I've posted a couple of them before, but I decided, in my jealous rage, to bring them back to life(?!).

I have no idea what the name of this flower is, but I think it looks a little sad. All wilted.

I liked the colour on this one. Is it an orchid?

If I'm not mistaken, this one is called Flame of the Forest.

These are little white flowers my brother-in-law grew in a makeshift pot he made out of a wok. -=D

Cheerful looking flower. I don't know what this is called either. Cheery blossoms? (Cherry blossoms... Get it?)

Now this is one of those parasite plants. They can grow into unbelievable sizes. The leaves sort of look like deer antlers. These are the roots that I took a picture of.


I want a camera now.


hwen said...

Hey Haizum!

Another nature photography eh? Nice shots you have here! Wish I could spend some time doing macro photography, but I only shoot from instinct...and I'm lazy to go looking for plants and insects, haha! So I have "city" pictures in the end!

Hope you'll get a camera soon. I don't know how am I supposed to go through a day (or two) without a camera, haha!

Cheers, Hui Wen

Haizum said...

Hui Wen : Hehe, the plants were on my backyard! And when I had that camera (which was only for a few months by the way) I was too absorbed in trying to learn how to use the Macro mode.

Zainijimmy said...

finally hehe..its ok if it is an old photos haizum, as long as theres photos ahaha...i'll consider all pictures i saw for the 1st time as new pictures...nice bery bery nice..i love nature photography..go get ur camera A.S.A.P hehehe

Anonymous said...

hey, those are nice photos! :)

oh, you changed your layout? It wasn't like this when I came in here this morning. hehehe.

By the way, thanks for the visit and compliment. ;)

Mas Light said...

*aww gives haizum a hug...

anyways, the 3rd one u call Flame of the Forest, erm not sure about that, I call it bird of paradise. not sure if i got that correctly.

oh the flower after that one is a water plant rite? i got those at home

and the one after that, that's the one that have fleas at home >_<"

Haizum said...

Cindy : Thanks! And yes, I think you caught me just as I was changing the layout last night. =D

Mas : Hehe, obviously my knowledge of plants is very minimal. And reaaaallllyyy? Seriously that picture of the fleas gave me goosebumps man~ *shudder*

Mas Light said...

hahahahhaa...ogie i got the name wrong for the bird of paradise...hahahaha...*lol blurness...ogie now i lupa wut it's called again...omg~!

erm, coz i did a lot of browsing..uh uh is a nice site to browse for plant names uh uh...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dun remind me geli

Haizum said...