Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's Around That Time Again

Warning : Guys, if you're grossed out by that-time-of-the-month topics, steer clear of this one.

Yes. It's here again. It seems just like yesterday I was running to the store during class to get that very essential thing we ladies need, everytime our hormones start acting up.

My back feels as if my vertebrae needs to be disjointed, one by one, massaged - again one by one - and carefully put together.

My breasts feel as if they've grown a few cup sizes overnight (No, boys, they really haven't. They just feel like it..) and they hurt.

I feel the most overwhelming urge to munch on junk food. Which means watching TV isn't a good idea, since I live on the 5th floor (with no elevators mind you..) and the closest shop is a 5 minute walk away (that isn't including the time I need to walk down those 5 flights of stairs..).

And occasionally, I feel like screaming at anybody who happens to cross my path. *chuckles* I'm kidding. I only ever get cranky with my boyfriends during PMS, so it's a good thing I don't have one now.

I think this one week before my period actually happens is the worst. everything hurts. I can't bend forward cause my back hurts, but then I can't lean back cause my tummy hurts. *sigh* I wish my period would get here soon so it wouldn't hurt anymore.

A little too much griping?
A woman's prerogative. *wink*


Anonymous said...

omg. 1st day of period is owez bad for me *sigh. If it was a working day, I'll be like "endure the pain!!! endure the pain!!"

Well, I've seen my fren be rolling warm water in bottle on her stomach at work before.

Some gets migraine for it. And some yes,body ache everywhere. >_<"

Why does it have to be so painful?

Anyways, hope u feel better

Haizum said...

Yeah, feeling a lot better today cause I had my junk food fix earlier this morning hehe.

Anonymous said... fewd fix ei...ahhh drink warm water...i feel better with warm water...heee XD